+35 Basketball would be a lot more fun to watch if the players were all short, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 months ago

By this logic the WNBA would be more popular, and I say that as someone who actually does watch the wnba

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Watch women's basketball. It's pretty awesome.

by NoCraft387 3 months ago

Multiple leagues with height brackets? How do you enforce this…

by Secure-Morning-6130 3 months ago

Raise the rim. 12ft now

by Anonymous 3 months ago

I was in a 6 foot and under basketball rec league and it was all 5-5 guys beating each other up in the paint since they couldn't do that against taller players. NEVER AGAIN

by Murphywisoky 3 months ago

I think the rim in the NBA should be raised 2 feet.

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Just raise the net

by margiemraz 3 months ago