+37 Victim Blaming makes sense sometimes, amirite?

by Sad-Performance 3 months ago

I blame society. There are plenty of places in the world where you can leave the house door open and walk down the street with a stack of hundreds, no problem.

by carol77 3 months ago

So what are women supposed to do? Leave their vaginas at home?

by flatleybrown 3 months ago

This made me laugh more than it should have lmao

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Gain 200 pounds and a nose job to compete with Mehmet Ozyurek .

by Anonymous 3 months ago

well def not having them on display while driving through places like india

by zbailey 3 months ago

I think people confuse crime prevention and victim blaming. Precautions can be taken to protect yourself from a wide variety of crimes. Taking these precautions doesn't guarantee you won't be a victim, and failing to take these precautions doesn't make it your fault if you're victimized. The best outcome is for you to not be a victim. Once you've become a victim you need to report your crime to the police as soon as possible with as much accurate information as possible. The best way to prevent crimes is to catch and convict criminals as early as possible. Criminals get away with 100% of unreported crimes.

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Are you trying to say victim blaming women is valid sometimes, then? I don't quite understand. What you wear oftentimes doesn't affect whether or not you're harassed

by Minute_Armadillo20 3 months ago

Please I know you're adding very obvious examples. But be specific what are you actually pointing to.

by Anonymous 3 months ago

someone I work with got an injury at work. the multimillion dollar company blamed the employee for not properly stretching. 🙃

by Juanitamayer 3 months ago

How many times I've seen that at Amazon.

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Two things can be true at once. It is true that no one is to blame but the person who committed the crime If you made a bad irresponsible decision then you put yourself at unnecessary risk.

by Green_Skirt_8205 3 months ago