-39 Considering Gotham City's population, it's odd that we never see the Batmobile get stuck in traffic. amirite?

by FinancialRoutine 3 months ago

Well 90% of the time the caped crusader is out at night. Less traffic. Also I assume the batcomputer is capable of analyzing traffic

by Anonymous 3 months ago

Pretty sure a city like manhattan still has a lot of cars on the road at night

by FinancialRoutine 3 months ago

Depends on which part of the city they're in. In midtown there's still a lot of traffic, although there actually is noticeably less than during the day. But I live in uptown Manhattan and there is definitely not a lot of traffic up here at night. Not enough to get stuck in a traffic jam, the Batmobile would be able to fly through these streets

by Edna78 3 months ago

Given how often it occurs for plot convenience, the average Gothamite is probably a pro at evacuation routes. They probably get texts from Batman: "Hey, you're alright. Don't come out tomorrow night."

by mcruickshank 3 months ago

Don't come to school tomorrow

by xschamberger 3 months ago


by Anonymous 3 months ago

jesus is what they'll be seeing in a bit

by xschamberger 3 months ago

Cos homie don't play and the homie do what's gotta get done

by Equal_Activity 3 months ago

I guess in gotham, even the traffic lights turn green in fear when the Batmobile approaches.

by Zmoore 3 months ago