+19 Most small businesses are small because they're bad at business, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 week ago

So your saying that all businesses should become mega corporations eventually? 🙄

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Not really. By far, most big businesses start out big. But you have to have access to big resources and financing. Even early 17th century shipping and trade companies raised big money to build big ships. Nineteenth century American steam ships and railroads all started out big. By the 20/21st centuries, governments granted huge financial and other incentives that attracted industry - which is why you see Teslas on the road.

by crystel09 1 week ago

Some choose to stay family run.

by Ok_Cap 1 week ago

Or your just happy at the size you currently are and don't want to grow more.

by Sea_Judgment1515 1 week ago

because a lot of them just banks on fads.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

Lots of profitable business have a cap on how being they can possibly get. One of my family members ran a dance studio for years. She was a really excellent teacher, and she hired excellent teachers, so people put their kids in the studio and the business grew. She drove at least two other nearby studios out of business. Many students went on to become professional dancers. Some got fantastic scholarships for their dance abilities. But there are only so many qualified teachers, only so many students interested in taking dance lessons after school, and parents able and willing to pay (and many fewer after covid). Business growth after a certain point would require a huge money investment, which would have to be in the form of loans. And that could easily prove disastrous. Sometimes a small business is always going to be small. That's okay.

by Anonymous 1 week ago

In my experience, a lot of small business owners only own a business because they are unemployable working for someone else. Usually due to a piss poor work ethic or some other character flaw.

by bhermann 1 week ago