-34 I like the name Gretchen, amirite?

by Appropriate_Cost5086 2 months ago

Old person name and also it has "retch" in it.

by vicenta00 2 months ago

I like it too.

by Anonymous 2 months ago

The only Gretchen I know.

by Anonymous 2 months ago

this the only Gretchen i know so im on your side

by Suspicious-Price 2 months ago

Why do people seem to hate this name so much? Probably because it has the word "retch" right in it and doesn't exactly sound pleasant. It's not a name I'd particularly want for myself and I don't think I'd be doing my kid a favor by giving her this name. Also doesn't really lend itself to nicknames very well.

by Acrobatic-Bird 2 months ago