-10 AI-generated images and videos will soon overwhelm all online platforms. We're doomed to be faked out. amirite?

by Significant-Entry 1 month ago

You been on Facebook lately? And see what older relatives share?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

haven't been already? ? ? Good luck with all that Professor Xavier

by Rich-Treacle 1 month ago

I guess it's good to not be famous after all, but I still wanna be rich 😔

by Anonymous 1 month ago

it's probably a good thing if that causes the fall of social media run by megacorps

by No-Illustrator8137 1 month ago

Yes so much. Check tiktok too.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Well at least they can't ai generate ouch my bawls. Am i right guys? Ha. Nothing can ruin that show. Except for idiots or if you give me money.

by Willardparker 1 month ago

Meh it's honestly not there yet. It's always obvious when it's ai generated video, almost dream like waves of color. People like real people speaking into a camera anyways, only boomers can't seem to pick up on uncanny valley or even realistic video games.

by mustafahilll 1 month ago