+32 You really only need to consistently clean the communal areas of your house. amirite?

by guadalupe08 1 month ago

Your parents asked you to clean you room, eh?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Wife asked

by Quinn62 1 month ago

He's free to choose not to clean his room, but as a grown ass adult he is not free from the consequences of his actions… finding somewhere else to live!

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Love your profile pic

by Delphineboyle 1 month ago

I don't clean my house to make it presentable to others I clean my house so it's pleasant for me to be in

by ChipmunkSpare297 1 month ago

I never get this reasoning of cleaning just to be "presentable". I live alone and I rarely have guests over, but I don't want to live in filth! I dust and clean all the time. I clean the kitchen every night so that I can wake up to a clean space to make breakfast. I organize my possessions, so that I don't have to go searching the whole house whenever I need an item. Clutter also causes me stress, which is not good for my mental health and my bedroom stays clean and organized as well. Living in chaos is not good.

by AdventurousIron 1 month ago

This is me, it's so much better for my mental health

by dubuqueemelie 1 month ago

I disagree when it comes to the bedroom. Sheets and blankets create a ton of dust and for an area that is supposed to be recouperative, it makes sense to remove extra particulates that also contain pollutants as well as dead skin cells that feed bacteria and mites.

by viviennesmitham 1 month ago

The bedroom and the kitchen are actually the only two places I actually care about keeping clean lol. I can't relax in a dirty room

by Lindgrenrosetta 1 month ago

And the bathroom!! So… having that much to clean already why not do the living room too. 🤣🤣

by Vrau 1 month ago

So there are no sheets and no mattress? I think it no longer qualifies as being a bedroom at that point.

by viviennesmitham 1 month ago

Are they sloths?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

The depression room is definitely not helping your mental health

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Just link you "wowthanksimcured" if you suggest anything other than smoking weed and playing video games.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It seems like you view the point of cleaning as making your house presentable to others. It does have that effect, but for a lot of people (myself included), cleaning makes any house nicer to live in. It's totally demotivating to trip over clutter walking from one room to another, or to have a storage room that's basically a landfill. If you keep your house clean, I guarantee your mood on the day-to-day will increase

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It's okay if YOUR bedroom is messy because you're the one who has to live in it. It's also okay to not want to live like that.

by chudson 1 month ago

Our bedroom definitely get neglected. We do wash the bedding regularly, and our laundry. It's not a pigsty or anything, it's just the "catchall" for a lot of stuff in our house. Our kids will devour our snacks in one sitting at 1am, so things we get for ourselves we hide in our room 😂 There is a chest in our room that is just a constant rotation of my clothing. I WFH so I'll be in my PJ pants for a couple hours until I work at 10am, then I put on normal clothes cause I feel gross working in my PJs. But then I need jeans to walk the dog because it's cold, but hate wearing jeans otherwise so they come off after the walk. Then in the evening, back to PJ pants. So I just leave all those clothes rotating throughout the week. Morning is cold so I need my hoodie but I take it off later in the day. If someone needed to see our bedroom it would take all of 2 minutes to tidy it up quick, so it's not a huge deal. I could be better about it but executive function issues mean I get done what I can and prioritize things that are more important like the kitchen and bathroom. Then on the rare and random "firing on all cylinders, have all the energy!" days I spend hours doing the deeper cleanings and bigger projects like the garage or basement. I might not clean the bedroom thoroughly weekly, but when I do I'm down there with a toothbrush scrubbing every inch. Sometimes my husband leaves for a 2-day work thing and when he comes home I rearranged and painted the whole room 😂

by PhotographJust8049 1 month ago

Someone doesn't dust

by Anonymous 1 month ago

A clean organised house helps to get a clean organised mind. Clutter and stuff takes up a lot of mental space, even if you are not directly aware of it. Your not cleaning for other persons, you do it for your own body and mind. OP sounds just a tad lazy.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Why was your ex the one primarily responsible for all the cleaning? And your contribution was cleaning the kitchen, a couple times of week, when she asked?

by OvenWhich3627 1 month ago

What are you doing in your kitchen that requires it to be cleaned multiple times a week?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Believe me it's much more fun to live in a clean room

by dixie24 1 month ago

I mean I deep clean every room once a week. Throughout the week I just tiddy up. Everything has a place and I make sure everything is in its place. I cant fathom living in clutter. It hurts my soul. I will even clean other people's homes if I am over there and it's messy. I try and do it when they leave the room but I usually get caught. I just don't like being around it

by Metzbryce 1 month ago

So everywhere besides your bedroom? Like that's pretty much the entire house lol

by Accomplished_Net6456 1 month ago

Ok Zach, now to apologize to your wife or parents or whoever it is that you live with who DOES wipe the baseboards, vacuum under the bed, and scrubs the mould out of the tub

by Anonymous 1 month ago

He got told to clean his room lol

by SuspectExtension8793 1 month ago

…define consistently…

by ardith60 1 month ago

I get that. For some people they like their place to appear presentable in the areas in which others will have social interactions in, while at the same time leaving a little mess to feel lived in, in other areas not frequented by those outside the home. I never did like the feel of a completely clean home. It doesn't feel like someone is even living there and I hate it.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

yeah I let the bedroom slide too easily too, but it feels real good when it's tidy. And my en-suite and my office. Minging rooms too often though. If you ask me the kitchen is the most important, followed by the living room, and then the hallway and staircase. Bathroom is probably cleaned as often as my office room

by Kindly-Hornet 1 month ago

Nuh uh. I'm learning the hard way that dusting is a thing I have to do at least once a week.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I agree, I sweep and mop my living room and kitchen and bathrooms weekly, sometimes a few times a week. My bedroom is clean for the most part. But I do need to sweep and mop like once every 2 or 3 weeks and dust

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You must not be allergic to dust...

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I'm sort of a agree to a point. I think that the bathroom and kitchen is where most of the worst filth accumulates. So I make it a priority to at least make sure those are clean if I am feeling lazy or depressed. If I am having a normal day and am cleaning I will try clean in every room though.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Bro that's like 80% of my house right there, what do you mean? What kind of mansions are you living in that have more than that?

by Odessabrown 1 month ago

Oh so you have a house, nice flex

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I have two children. Everything has to be constantly cleaned or within 12 hours IS a literal dumpster.

by Disastrous-Spray-790 1 month ago

You are confusing clean with tidy and dirty with messy.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

That's why I usually keep my bedroom door closed when I have people over.

by fkilback 1 month ago

I clean the house cause I like my house being clean. I don't want to sleep in a bunch of dead skin and grime, or see a finger thick layer of dust on my shelves. Not to mention the heavy, musty smell that accumulates when you neglect cleaning for a while. I don't want that in my space, especially the room I sleep in.

by Typical_Public 1 month ago

Depends whose house it is and who shares that room. If it only affects you, sure.

by Virtual_Aspect5525 1 month ago

Depends. I personally think that cluttered living quarters lead to a cluttered mind, so I've been making an effort to keep everything squared away.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You never cleaned your room did you?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

AND run drain cleaner when it don't flow

by Justine80 1 month ago

Agreed on this one. It's your space, so live in it how you want. Honestly I believe most people will keep it fairly reasonable just from what they personally want. I've been friends with filthy people but that's a minority for sure. and there's a big big difference between cluttered/nest-y and dirty

by Technical-Speed-2554 1 month ago

You depressed, OP?

by Comfortable-Fix 1 month ago

It's okay to keep your own personal space as clean or unclean as you want, but if those spaces are shared with other people, you need to be considerate and keep it at a level of clean they find acceptable too.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yeah, it's okay, but any area of your house is more pleasant and enjoyable if it's clean. Instead of doing it for other people, do it for yourself.

by richieturcotte 1 month ago

I kinda take this into account in certain ways; for instance the living room gets vacuumed daily, the bedroom every few days. There's less traffic there and never shoes. But letting it get messy is a different story.

by Solid-Comfort-5356 1 month ago

No. I don't need to clean anything. Because I don't have visitors.

by Jaclyn15 1 month ago

A cluttered bedroom will eventually spread out. My wife and I are renting a room to one of her siblings who cannot keep their room clean for even a day and brings that chaotic energy to other areas of the house - never putting dishes away in the same place, taking ketchup from one spot in the fridge and putting it back in another, leaving the bathroom our kid also uses super messy.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Not really no

by Smarvin 1 month ago