+46 I hate working for people, amirite?

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

This is the most popular opinion of all time.

by malikakozey 1 month ago

There will never be a job where you will not work for someone. If you run a business you work for your clients, cause they are one buying your service or good. You can only distance you and an authority-figure so far before you are "working" for someone.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yh that's what I prefer to be honest because unlike a boss you can just say no to a client

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

His point is, there is no job where you don't have to answer to anyone and you can do whatever you want. I guarantee Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have to deal with stuff they don't want to at work.

by Sure-Way-9135 1 month ago

Yh I get that but there's more flexibility in it and more value as your doing it for yourself and benefitting yourself rather than a employer and yes I know you have to answer to clients but it's still in my opinion better than having an employer or a job which you don't necessarily enjoy but that's just my opinion

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Bruh... How many of us do you think actually work for someone because we want to? Personally I only do it because bills need to be paid, and I also need food to survive.

by Short-Contact9092 1 month ago

And do what? If ai is smart enough to control us, it has already far surpassed what humans can do

by No-Effective2736 1 month ago

Be a battery of course.

by Trantowfelicita 1 month ago

May I introduce you to the Word of our lord and saviour, Karl Marx?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You're always working for somebody in some capacity. Or else who can you make money??? You'll have clients or customers even if you own your own business.

by Desperate_Badger8909 1 month ago

Yh that's the thing with a client you can just say no unlike a boss where u kinda have to do the work

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Well you don't make money if you lose a client. You can also just quit your job. What's the difference?

by Desperate_Badger8909 1 month ago

Yh understandable but not everyone is in a position to just quit their job u kind have to work to pay bills

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Yea. Same if you own your own business.

by Desperate_Badger8909 1 month ago

It's usually bit more flexible with your own business unless your desperate but usually you can decline to do work for someone because there's usually someone else that you can do a job for

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Not sure if that's always the case. You can also find another employer... really no difference.

by Desperate_Badger8909 1 month ago

Yh but actually getting hired and getting another job is another challenge unless you get offered or have been looking and or secured a job already but yh I guess

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Yeah but i prefer that beacuse it makes me feel as if im actually doing something rather than working monotonously yes there may be moments where i would want to just work for somone else but idk man i just prefer to work for myself no matterhow hard it may be but thats just me

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

That's why I don't captain 🫡

by Larkinduane 1 month ago

Hopefully I'm there one day lol

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

you either work for a boss or work for a customer

by LankyCombination2980 1 month ago

There's nothing wrong with not wanting to be exploited or trapped. Spend some time with some people who started and run businesses (or do it yourself) and you will get a better sense for the value of just being an employee to know if it is right side of the equation for you.

by emardroberta 1 month ago

yh my uncle owned a factoy my dad a resturant grandparents all businessmen property ownners or just work for themselves i guess it just runs in family

by Berniercyril 1 month ago

Everyone has to pay the piper in this bitch. NO ONE is exempt.

by Jalon99 1 month ago

Self employment rocks

by Jaded-Stage 1 month ago

Run-on sentence winner of the day. Even if you become an entrepreneur, you'll always be working to benefit others. Get used to enjoying helping others.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

This isn't an unpopular opinion =_=

by Huge-Replacement6736 1 month ago

Truly an unpopular opinion of "my boss sucks"

by Inner-Appearance2127 1 month ago

Work smarter. Build a business, hire ppl, then work, so while working you're also earning to invest something to your business. I'm talking based on my experience. Maybe i just love doing business or selling so it's not that hard for me.

by Anonymous 1 month ago