+29 It's okay to cheat on video games. Yes, even Multiplayer. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

1 No one is naturally a pro from birth and thinking so is just a cope. It seems effortless to the pros you watch because you didn't watch the 15000 hours they put into the game before you saw their clip. 2 it's different than a pubstomper because the code can't make errors like every pro will inevitably do multiple times a game, as they are humans

by HappyAd 1 month ago

1 No one is going to pick up a game and instantly be an pro. It takes hours upon hours of practice playing.the game. 2 people your playing against. Pubstompers still make mistakes and can't see through walls so it's still giving you an artificial advantage.

by toy09 1 month ago

You're given a genetic cheat code as soon you're born. Cope harder

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Single player? Sure you do you. Multiplayer. No.

by Opredovic 1 month ago

This is legit the most loser logic I have heard in quite some time…

by RelationshipHead2572 1 month ago


by Artistic_Report 1 month ago

"Just don't push it too far…" yep, cheaters also have self control…

by julien82 1 month ago

There's bad actors in every tool.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You mean cheaters in online multiplier games.

by Opredovic 1 month ago

I agree with you. Cheaters in Multiplayer games are bad actors because they're purposely ruining the experience for everyone else out of some diaper baby ass sense of entitlement.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yea let's just all cheat at all sports

by Anonymous 1 month ago

This is the biggest terribad cope I've ever seen

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I used to cheat on The Sims, I used the code to get more money right in the beginning so I could actually build a proper house for my Sims. I wanted them to have actual flooring in the house and not be stuck with grass until their minimum wage jobs could pay for some carpeting. That was pretty much the extent of my cheating.

by gleichnerlisand 1 month ago

No one really cares of your cheating in single player. That only affects your enjoyment of the game.

by toy09 1 month ago

Honestly, valid. Not everyone wants to be edged for days or waaay longer to get to the fun part.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Honestly just don't cheat in a way that affects the game for other players

by Sea-Caregiver-4928 1 month ago

There's no purpose in playing if you aren't learning and building skills. Pro players are despised if they are playing in casual games, you just can't really complain that someone is "being too good at the game". Game developers try to mitigate it by introducing elements that can counter skill, like randomness or swingy abilities, and can use Skill-Based Match-Making to try to push players into fair competition. If you spent 1000 hours trying to sing, it's not suddenly okay to compete using lip-sync or auto-tune. You need to try a different approach to learning, or you need to find something that you might have better success in.

by SilentPhotograph6889 1 month ago

You are wrong

by Alda80 1 month ago