+24 Deep-Frying Food sucks, amirite?

by ethelyndibbert 1 month ago

Your access to Scotland has now been denied

by Anonymous 1 month ago

IDK why. I still laugh at that line from Doctor Who. "You're Scottish. Fry something."

by Anonymous 1 month ago

"Except chicken, but actually, also chicken" lol Im not exactly sure what essence youre talking about but i can defo still tell proteins apart when deep fried and batter really doesnt do much except add flavour and enhance texture, which is perfect for me to be honest. You tellin me you dont like crispy foods huh?!??

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Unless its, chicken, fish, crab, shrimp, mushrooms, wantons, bananna, pineapple, corn dog, Ok forget it i am gonna go heat up the deep fryer.

by Both_Journalist 1 month ago

I find some batter works much better with certain things. Have you ever had coconut shrimp?

by OkMeet 1 month ago

Needs more hyperbole

by PsychologyAncient 1 month ago