+31 Adult life is awesome -- way better than being a kid, amirite?

by Character-Ear-6304 1 month ago

I don't miss much of my childhood. We were dirt poor and I had a controlling mother. I'm still poor but I absolutely love the freedom of being an adult.

by Weird_Living 1 month ago

Lol, maybe I was just raised poor in a single father household. Maybe it's different in other lifestyles Like, I have to still do homework, them cook for the family, then help my sister with her homework?

by Character-Ear-6304 1 month ago

I brought my little cousins 9 and 11 to the supermarket earlier tonight and they couldn't get over that I could just buy whatever the heck I wanted to eat even if it was total junk, they kept asking goofy questions like " so you could just buy ice cream and candy if you wanted and eat just that" it was super funny I'm like "yes, I do that often"!

by turnerdarlene 1 month ago

Lil bro. I can put ice cream in my coffee at night while playing video games.

by Character-Ear-6304 1 month ago

Childhood is amazing, teenagehood… not so much.

by Primary_Farmer_96 1 month ago

I agree. Freedom is amazing.

by destinigleason 1 month ago

Yeah, maybe my family just constantly failed to shelter me from the struggles of imperial life

by Character-Ear-6304 1 month ago

Seize the textile mill for you and the other adults

by Character-Ear-6304 1 month ago

So, are you telling me that the suffering of not finding a job is better than have zero concerns about my future? When I was a kid I used to play videogames, in the street with my friends, school was easy and have ZERO concerns about what will I do tomorrow to accomplish my goals. Now, of course I can do wathever I want, but I can't find a job and money is killing my imaginary concept of freedom. I hate to be an adult, but i'm so I just kept playing this horrendous game called life I have friends now, a girlfriend and my family is still with me, but hell! I miss so much how magical were the xmas with the WHOLE family (some of them passed away), how fun was to stay with my cousins on saturdays, to see my favourite show as a kid on a friday night and the magic of the imagination with simple toys or tools... I'm kinda nostalgic about that

by Michael14 1 month ago

Yes that is true.

by Anonymous 1 month ago