-35 Eventually, There will be a space mission where the astronauts will return to Earth at a later date than predicted by decades or maybe even centuries. amirite?

by Ok-Concert 1 month ago

The buzz lightyear movie was this exact premise.. except not earth

by Weary-Performer2904 1 month ago

That was a movie? I only know the memes!

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Humans weren't meant for zero gravity. The calcium leeches from your bones and they become weak. You will lose a ton of muscle mass. The longest an astronauts have been on the ISS is about a year. Your body might adjust fine to zero gravity, because humans are surprisingly resistant. But once you get back to earth after a century, you wouldn't be able to stand.

by Micheal81 1 month ago

It is probably safe to assume that we will have figured this out by the time we advance far enough for time dilation to be a factor in travel. If nothing ese they could create gravity by spinning the ship like in 2001: A Space Odyssey

by Otherwise_Growth_597 1 month ago

Queen wrote a song about this called '39. You should check it out.

by Otherwise_Growth_597 1 month ago

The only danger is if they get send to that terrible Planet of the Apes...

by Ancient-Tackle 1 month ago