-28 Amateur Wrestling should replace MMA (and boxing) amirite?

by Stock-War-6787 1 month ago

How would you determine and enforce that the potential damage sustained in a MMA match is too severe to be allowed but the potential damage sustained in grappling is completely fine? "It's not really a sport if it leaves you unable to function afterwards" this also happens in grappling events, people can go from absolutely fine to having their knee permanently ruined in a matter of moments. This seems like a long winded way of saying you don't like striking in combat sports Also in the grand scheme of things the death rate in MMA is low compared to some non combat sports jobs, do you think people shouldn't be allowed to do those things either? Or what about recreation, should a person be allowed to go cave diving even though it's dangerous?

by Agreeable-War 1 month ago

Wrestling is the least exciting of the 3, so no. No real wrestlers make big money. There's a reason. It's 2 dudes rolling around on the ground. Highly skilled but not exciting enough.

by Marjolaineblock 1 month ago