+45 If you feel uncomfortable at group gatherings it doesn't mean you're an introvert. It means you have social anxiety, amirite?

by dorothy06 1 month ago

"It means" definitively, or "it could mean"?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yeah I would say it pretty definitely means that you have some form of social disorder if talking with people consistently fills you with dread

by dorothy06 1 month ago

I think you conflate dread with lack oif interest.

by isidro11 1 month ago

Nope Extroverts derive enjoyment and energy from being around other, introverts derive it from being by themselves. Social anxiety is entirely different and you can be an introvert and not experience social anxiety. Some people just don't want to talk to strangers because it's a waste of energy for them

by Anonymous 1 month ago

How do you define an introvert and social anxiety?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

i mean, i do think there isn't a hard rule, especially since there is overlap, but i get what you mean. i am extremely extroverted, but i have trouble talking to people sometimes cuz im essentially scared that everyone hates me. i know that's not gonna happen but logic doesnt have a place in anxiety lol

by Gpacocha 1 month ago

Introversion/extroversion is about whether socializing costs or gives you energy. I'm uncomfortable at group gatherings because they are draining. I can make small talk and play nice with people, but I'd generally rather just not.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I mean that's what the actual definitions mean if you actually read Jung. Definitely an unpopular opinion bc people love using psychobabble to comfort themselves.

by Top_Raspberry 1 month ago

Ngl this is kinda basehead, I agree

by bulah37 1 month ago