+34 It's bizarre that social media and internet addiction are still not recognized medical conditions, amirite?

by breitenbergalee 1 month ago

At this point, it might be considered a medical condition if you aren't addicted to social media and internet.

by Green_Trip 1 month ago

If everyone has the medical condition, then no one does ….

by xkunze 1 month ago

Right. Just like how covid was fake. If everyone has the medical condition, then no one does /s for anyone who seriously couldn't tell

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Not everyone is addicted

by breitenbergalee 1 month ago

True, but that wasn't the point. The point was a punchline. It was a joke.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

anything that makes you feel good can become an addiction if you let it, are we gonna define a separate 'medical condition' to literally every somewhat enjoyable activity? sure maybe we could separate chemical/drug addictions from other addictions because there's a bit more going on biologically but come on, just say the condition is 'addiction', is it really necessary to define a different medical condition to every single different source of addiction when the result is the same? people are also trying to get gaming addiction recognized as a medical condition, but how is that 'medically' any different from social media addiction or gambling addiction or any other non-drug addiction? I mean in terms of what's happening within the brain and body

by fridamraz 1 month ago

They won't do the same for TV watching because that would be a standard that affects boomers more than young people. People talk like phones began the antisocial media consumption addiction but television is famous for being unhealthy, to the point it's been blown out.of proportion, but it's only ever a problem when it's young people doing it

by Wolfftyshawn 1 month ago

It's not a condition, I can quit when I want!

by Anonymous 1 month ago

The OP isn't about video games, it's about social media and the internet. And yes, of course these things take time, which is why OP said "still not recognized". Social media and internet addiction will probably make it into the DSM one day, but as of today they are not recognized. Do you understand now?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I didn't say that social media use is a medical condition, in fact I said that it's not officially recognized as a medical condition.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It's bizarre that you are saying it's bizarre that social media use is not recognised as a medical condition while denying that you think it should be

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Do you think they're the OP or something? They never said that

by lemmerich 1 month ago

Isn't dopamine addiction a real thing, which is what those things are? Essentially anything that creates a dopamine feedback cycle would fall under that definition. Videogames, pornography, social media etc

by Keonkreiger 1 month ago

I remember an article years ago proving weed wasn't addictive (they tested it in chimps, I think) and the criteria they had for it not being addictive was the lack of withdrawal afterwards. Alcohol, heroin etc all have a terrible detoxing afterwards and it can even kill you. So medically, I can understand why it wouldn't be classed as an addiction. But at the same time, gambling can and should be seen as an addiction given how destructive it can be. So I don't see why anything that provides dopamine and gets you hooked shouldn't also be seen that way.

by Connellysavion 1 month ago

Pretty sure that weed study was very quickly debunked, primarily for the reason you stated. Its absolutely without a doubt physiologically addictive. Whereas the ones I mentioned are psychological addictions, the dopamine hit being what you're actually addicted to

by Keonkreiger 1 month ago

It is though. It's called "addiction."

by DependentPeach 1 month ago

I still remember that time they (WHO?) tried to make video gaming addiction a thing. Then Covid happened and it was widely recognized as the way to have fun in your own home. Then everyone forgot about making video gaming addiction a thing. Disclaimer: I'm not a gamer.

by lkiehn 1 month ago

Meanwhile I open Facebook every time I touch my phone. I don't even care about Facebook anymore why do I keep opening it?

by Proud_Gift8983 1 month ago

Muscle memory. If you move the icon (or hide it), you'll be less likely to open it

by PureIndependence 1 month ago

Very valid point. Of note, since 2018 WHO formalized videogame addiction even though the APA doesnt consider it as such.

by Substantial_Guest 1 month ago

So what drug am I gunna be prescribed this time? Can I drive while on it?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Or some phobias. Like Islamophobia for example.

by Wisozkconor 1 month ago

it's more of an epidemic than a medical condition.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Can we sell a drug to lessen the bad effects of it without affecting the causes? No? Then we won't recognize it as a medical condition. No money in it.

by framijesse 1 month ago

This is sadly the correct answer. I'm pretty sure that's why CPTSD still isn't recognized in the dsm.

by Tiara04 1 month ago

It's because doctors themselves are also addicted to it and acknowledging that would mean they'd have to admit their addictions. If everyone's sick then no one is!

by Anonymous 1 month ago