-21 Someday the last person will use the internet, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Someday will be the last day for [insert almost anything]. Including one-day you using the Internet.

by runolfssonaglae 1 month ago

Can picture him alone fapping away into nothingness.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

That will be the day that the InterWeb is merged into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.

by justen28 1 month ago

I hate to be that guy, but I think it's much more likely that the internet is destroyed while there's still significant traffic than there being a definite "last" user of a still-functioning internet.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I believe it's much more likely it exists indefinitely. Either way their wouldn't be a last user

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I think it will morph into something else, kind of like cassette tapes were slowly replaced by cd's and then ipods. The "internet" may not go away, but it will certainly look very different 100 years from now.

by Initial-Ad849 1 month ago

Doubt it internet will cease to exist

by Outrageous-Field7863 1 month ago