+26 "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is better than the exorcist. amirite?

by True_Bee 1 month ago

Agree. I find much of The Exorcist boring until the possession happens.

by nitzschedemario 1 month ago

The exorcist is a film that deserves the reputation it has because of the intensity of its final act. But "a nightmare on elm st" was wholey original in it's concept and antagonist that set standards and inspired decades of clich├ęs. People know the name Freddy Krueger if they haven't seen any of the movies.... no one outside of exorcist fans know the name pazuzu.

by True_Bee 1 month ago

plus the bath scene

by ReasonWeak4793 1 month ago

Ashamed to admit, that as a man it wasn't somthing I'd even considered until I was dating a woman who had never seen the film until we watched it together and until she iron griped my arm Into dust during that scene. Like I got that it was an "ooooooohhhh" moment... but that scene eventually led me to really understand how differently I saw the world compared to women. (This was a long time ago btw... it wasn't some recent revelation)

by True_Bee 1 month ago