-22 You're a bad driver sometimes. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I'll admit that somedays I'm up to my usual level, but even at my worse I always use turn signals, never text and drive, and always use my lights when I need.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I looked but it's you, not me

by Any-Delay9144 1 month ago

Made me giggle, ngl.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Hell no, its a small minority of the drivers that are egregiously bad and stand out, not like every second driver being the problem.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I can't hear you when you're eating my dust

by janniespencer 1 month ago

I don't ever drive below the speed limits sooo

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Sometimes? Most of the time it's my fault.

by Ok-Win 1 month ago

Absolutely. This goes for a lot of things too. Everyone is sometimes a bad driver, they're sometimes a rude, inconsiderate jerk, sometimes an entitled asshole etc etc. Just yesterday I was criticising a co-worker to another co-worker because they'd taken a month to do a relatively simple task but part way through my rant I remembered I'd also taken a month to do something that should have been done in a fortnight. We're all hypocrites sometimes.

by Sflatley 1 month ago

This opinion sounds like a copium of a bad driver, lol. It's not like you can accidentally text while driving, accidebtally drive under the influence, suddenly forget elementary traffic rules, buy a car without turn signals or decide to prove some stupid point out of the blue. Yeah, I can inadvertently break a traffic rule once every two months, but I do it much less frequently than inconsiderate idiots who do stuff from the list above.

by zjenkins 1 month ago

I have a clean record and follow the traffic laws. However, when I make a mistake every so often, I own up to them and make an adjustment. A lot of people will make a mistake, lay on the horn, and act as if the other person is in the wrong when, in fact, it was them. I'm more so taking a shot at people with this "everyone is wrong except me" attitude, but I see it more often when people get behind the wheel.

by Anonymous 1 month ago


by Bridgette08 1 month ago

we all make driving mistakes i dont make as much as you though buddy

by kundejonatan 1 month ago

I am never a bad driver because I don't drive. :D

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Bro I mess up walking sometimes, and I've been doing that way longer.

by Anonymous 1 month ago