+43 Most animals show their teeth as a form of aggression but humans do it as a sign of friendliness, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

First thing I look at someone. Nice teeth = Good looking

by NationalBlock1959 2 weeks ago

Probably because our teeth aren't sharp

by sipesrossie 2 weeks ago

Yep. That's why so many humans have terrible interactions with animals. They treat them like humans without considering how the animal communicates. Don't smile at dogs people. And dogs don't like hugs either.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Disagree on the hugging. Mine actively asks to be lifted up and then puts his head on my shoulder without any encouragement to do so. I treasure his hugs.

by LawEasy5644 2 weeks ago

Appart from passive agression..

by Stunning-Value 2 weeks ago

This is the cause of a surprising number of apes attacking people. Do we look and act similar in many ways? Yes. But that ain't one of them

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago