-34 I almost prefer the kind of friends who don't call much except when they need me. amirite?

by aankunding 2 weeks ago

Same. I got sober four years ago. My life from 20-26 was chaos. I want quiet. I want to go to work, come home and game/hang out with my gf. Leave me alone. Call me if you need help. But I'm not hanging out more than once a year.

by Tracey37 2 weeks ago

That's how me and most of my friends are. We will text randomly to say hi, or send a funny picture or meme, but phone conversations are usually for a specific reason. Constant contact can get exhausting. People got lives and things to do.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

When I was younger, I would've 100% disagreed. As I get older, this sentiment makes a lot more sense.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago