+43 some men find out how unattractive they are when they start to use dating apps, amirite?

by umiller 2 weeks ago

Don't need dating apps for me to find out lol

by EarPopular 2 weeks ago

*how unattractive they are to women on dating apps

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

According to statistics 90% of men find out they are unattractive.

by CraftSame 2 weeks ago

Sexual dimorphism, one gender of the species is just more attractive than the other.

by No-Bar 2 weeks ago

None the less they stay on dating apps

by Bitter-Skin5206 2 weeks ago

I didn't need dating apps to know I was hideous, but they did make the fact irrefutable and concrete.

by Every-Branch 2 weeks ago

All I need is a mirror or a public place

by SweatyFriendship 2 weeks ago

As well as boring and dull🤷‍♂️

by Lwill 2 weeks ago