+28 Most people don't wear sunscreen to protect from cancer, they do it for the anti-aging effects, amirite?

by ukulas 2 weeks ago

Neither, really. Actually, most people wear it to avoid painful sunburns.

by Ludiehermiston 2 weeks ago

Not true lol, lots of women's makeup and moisturization routine products have sunscreen in it

by ukulas 2 weeks ago

They have us protection, they don't have "sunscreen". That is an individual product

by Unlikely-Arm 2 weeks ago

That's a bitch of an allergy. Aloe is about the only thing that gets me through dry, itchy winters and sunburns. I feel for you.

by millerwillard 2 weeks ago

Vanity will beat out prevention almost all the time.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Wow, I feel attacked

by DotSubject4810 2 weeks ago

Why is it called wearing sunscreen not applying sunscreen ?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago