+29 It's better to break no contact and risk to be rejected than wait for something to happen. amirite?

by lawsonweber 2 weeks ago

The ex might not want contact. So reaching out when agreed on nc is a pretty selfish move. They are not resposible for your closure so best to find a way to move on on your own.

by hhirthe 2 weeks ago

Yes, if you have agreed, but in the case where you have just been blindsided, maybe it could be a good idea for the fact that you are not going to wonder for the next however many months

by lawsonweber 2 weeks ago

I feel it would be more productive to reflect on what things you could of done better or what you will look for in your next partner, then reaching out to an ex.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Depends on how things ended. Some people want the closure. And you may not get it, but I see no harm in someone reaching out. If they don't respond, you have your answer. Move on.

by Emotional-Pizza 2 weeks ago

fair enough.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

The person who went NC is welcome to reconsider. If someone went NC with you and informed you of that, you should respect their decision.

by Bblock 2 weeks ago