-37 Going to the gym does not improve mood, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It kinda seems like you had some confounding variables going on. If you missed your sets and reps goals, it feels like failing, and I can see how that could feel bad. But if you had instead gone on a difficult hike or just did vigorous cardio, or just any exercise without a goal that you can fail at achieving, I bet your mood would have improved

by Few-Log-3620 2 weeks ago

I don't exactly enjoy working out, I just stay in decent shape. Working out itself doesn't really make me feel better. I don't really feel better exercising, I don't necessarily feel better after. But being in decent shape makes me feel good.

by SilverOpposite 2 weeks ago

Have you ever tried… Zumba? Because it will improve your mood. Any kind of workout class with upbeat music improves my mopd

by Hot-Mountain-5840 2 weeks ago

Na, sorry, cant relate. Nothing feels better than benching 150lbs DBs.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Even if you had the worst day of your life ? I doubt it

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I used to be stressed and didn't even realize it. Most of it was due to my diet (salty foods) and just life in general. Having good health, including going to the gym to get to that point, has greatly helped my stress levels and I'm healthier. You must be doing something wrong. I used to be a bodybuilder and my best workouts were always when I was in a great mood already and if I went to the gym pissed off or down, it would not fix anything and I'd feel like I've wasted a workout. You're an outlier. It has been proven many times that working out is great for your mental health.

by Heidiankunding 2 weeks ago

I used to work out for awhile, the only thing that made it worth it was an ice cold beer after and that made my mood improve maybe a symbiotic relationship

by Big-Needleworker-206 2 weeks ago