+35 Sensodyne toothpaste users are brainwashed, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Is it supposed to cure sensitive teeth or just lower the pain while brushing said sensitive teeth?

by NoAssistant8797 3 weeks ago

But you looove sensodyne, everyone loooooves sensodyne, wouldn't it be funny if the oral hygiene concern beat out tech, finance and medicine to seize humanity. "Tooth decay is normal decay!"

by katrina98 3 weeks ago

Anyone I know who uses it still have sensitive teeth. It is like saying antidepressants don't work because everyone you know who takes antidepressants is still depressed. If they didn't have sensitive teeth they obviously wouldn't use it haha Anytime I've used his Sensodyne, it numbs my tongue maybe you're allergic? Google turns up studies validating the efficacy of sensodyne pretty easily, I'm not convinced by your anecdotes

by FutureOrder3065 3 weeks ago