+42 Speeding is usually okay as long as you're not first in line, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I always cruise control 5 mph above the limit. Seems to be the sweet spot

by Quinnlittel 3 weeks ago

5-8 for me. Seems to be a pretty good number where I am. Never been pulled over for going that much over.

by Avisprosacco 3 weeks ago

Ironically enough, 7-8mph over is the point where State Farm's tracker defines "Speeding" so yeah, cruise is usually set to 5 over. I give myself the extra room for if I'm passing.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Your own spedo is also showing high, so in reality it's likely about right or just a few over

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"9 and you're fine" I've never been pulled over for less than 10 over, and that's the speed I drive on all roads with the exception of active school zones.

by Hungry_Sun 3 weeks ago

I too make an exception to drive 10+ over in active school zones.

by Ok-Estate7951 3 weeks ago

*instructions unclear

by Hungry_Sun 3 weeks ago

There is a reason residential roads are 25, every mile an hour you're traveling faster, the likely hood of killing somebody if you hit them increases exponentially. Plus 35 in a 25 is a lot more than 75 in a 65. Anywho. All i am saying is to be careful and respectful, on a short trip, that 10mph over is not likely to net you any noticeable improvement in time.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Every heard the expression "choose your battles" ?

by Hungry_Sun 3 weeks ago

I use 10% over as long as at least one person passes me once in a while.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Generally. Also I try and go 3-4 under the fastest guy. Let him/her smoke out the bears. Each cop has their own system though. Talked to a guy that was "lucky number 9" once.

by Gullible_Ebb1905 3 weeks ago

They just go for the one easiest to catch unless they can give a juicy ticket to someone going really fast.

by Scared-Reach-7267 3 weeks ago

So the odds are the first guy can just speed through? Well that's stupid lol

by Maidacarroll 3 weeks ago

Unless you're the only one speeding

by WatercressPlenty1767 3 weeks ago

What I heard when I was little was "9 is fine, 10 you're mine" and I've kinda just stuck with that.

by Artistic-Ease 3 weeks ago

What you don't want is to be the last one in line.

by Over_Engineering 3 weeks ago

The middle of the pack is where you want to be. The first and last are far more likely to be pulled over, according to my cop friend.

by PenOk 3 weeks ago

as long as you're signaling properly and doing so safely go nuts I guess. I'll see you down the road.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Oh I'm not doing it to get ahead. I'm doing it because I tend to be a very defensive driver and I don't like when cars make it difficult to actually pay attention to what's going on ahead when they're taking all my focus being an idiot.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

LOL yah they're doing all that frustrating work, speeding up, slowing down, weaving in, weaving out. I'm chilling in the right lane listening to Enya and pull up leisurely next to him at the red light.

by Emergency_Client_228 3 weeks ago

I think Mythbusters tested if weaving through traffic or going the limit in one lane was fastest. Weaving through lanes only saved them like 3-5 minutes if I remember correctly. Absolutely not worth the danger

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Save 3-5 minutes? Sign me up!

by elsa26 3 weeks ago

This. I set the cruise control for the speed limit, stay in the slow lane, and just try to stay away from everyone else. The hard part of course is that guy who rolls up on me, then speeds around me engine growling so he can get in front of me... then he pulls out his phone and starts going 55, causing me to go around him (still on cruise control) which causes him to get upset and pass me again...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I call extreme speeding cars "rabbits" because they draw out the dogs

by Mclaughlinadell 3 weeks ago

I think now I'm going to call them truffles

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

That's like saying you're safe from a shark as long as you're not the slowest swimmer—still risky and might cost you more than just a ticket!

by Consistent-Lunch 3 weeks ago

Until you hit a speed trap and everyone gets pulled over.

by ExternalAd 3 weeks ago

It's the last in line who gets pulled over wtf are you talking about? I've literally never once seen the lead car get pulled over when a group is speeding

by Due-Border 3 weeks ago

Speeding follows the inverse bear rule: you don't have to follow the speed limit. You just have to go slower than the fastest car near you.

by Ervingreen 3 weeks ago

By the dark of the moon, It was the sixth of June……

by Mundane-Frame 3 weeks ago

We have more and more trajectory control here (Belgium). You're all getting tickets.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Cops are like hyenas...They'll try and break apart a pack and target the weakest member they can find... Or they'll just aim for the "nicest" car in the bunch as they're much less likely to cause problems and just pay the city/county/state...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

And if you're also not the last in line, you're almost immune to getting pulled over for speeding.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You mean last in line

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Laws were made to be broken. Even in physics. That's why we asplode the atom!

by Bartellamos 3 weeks ago

this is what my mom would always tell me. if u gonna speed or hit a risky yellow make sure ur not the only car doing it

by Individual_Club5708 3 weeks ago

Back when I did a lot of long-distance travel, I would tuck in behind the fastest tractor trailer that passed me. My theory was that they had better information about radar than I did and also, that the popos would probably prefer to pull over the truck that they saw instead of the sedan that they might not have seen. I don't know if my theory was right or wrong but I saved hundreds of hours over a few decades and never once got a ticket when traveling in trail.

by robertziemann 3 weeks ago

Imagine you're last in line behind a group of cars and the cop pulls you over because you were the easiest target Moral of the story don't be the first or the last person to speed if you don't want a ticket haha

by No_Staff 3 weeks ago

speeding is fine if your wealthy enough to pay the ticket price

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

No it is not okay, that's how folk get killed, dumb assholes like you that do it could cause a series accident or even death. And also it's is illegal dumbass.

by Outrageous_Rub 3 weeks ago

Maybe in the US, but here in the Netherlands everyone gets a ticket in that case. They only pull you over to confiscate your drivers license, pretty much. You just get the ticket in the mail or even e-mail in my case.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I always wait until someone speeds around me, use them as my cop bait, and go a little slower than them

by WatercressGrouchy994 3 weeks ago

In the us, there's a law that states that the front dictates the flow of traffic, so legally you are correct.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

My friend was speeding and got a ticket he explained to the judge that he was just keeping up with the pack and this amused the judge who asked my friend " do you see any of those people here today? "

by Ceasarjacobi 3 weeks ago

No? Speeding is never okay? We had a speeding accident right outside our house last night with fire trucks and helicopters, the whole shabang, could have affected my point of view

by ChallengeDue4743 3 weeks ago

I usually think first in line is better

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

To op only in the USA. Elsewhere they have better equipment

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Or last in line. Ie the first speeder the cop catches up to.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago