+30 It's a little scary that, AI images share a lot of rules as our dreams. Written language is gibberish. Grounded in reality but fine details are off. amirite?

by Queenie56 3 weeks ago

It's only your (or any persons) perception that it is similar. It seems similar to our brains, but in reality, how an AI works and how our brains work when dreaming is still very different.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Interesting. I wonder how common that is. I for sure can't read anything in my dreams, at most i just "know" what it's supposed to be. Maybe it's rare to be able to do this and this is your hidden superpower.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I can definitely read in my dreams. I didn't know this was uncommon. One of my most common nightmares is getting my car towed. Dream: go back to my car. It's gone. I read the sign. I parked illegally in my dream and the car was towed. Happens all time to me.

by AioliPlayful8957 3 weeks ago

There's people out there that push human capabilities beyond was believed possible. Still today we continue to break records as another bright star redefines what we can do as a species I like to think you're one of these Unfortunately for you, your skill exists in an unobservable space. Lol

by Queenie56 3 weeks ago

I'll back lopsided chair up, I saw it too

by Fit_Foundation6459 3 weeks ago

Realised this recently, actually. I had a very lucid dream and was trying to read the text but it was all AI looking gibberish. Obviously our brains function very differently to AI, but dreams are basically the AI generation of our brains. Mostly nonsense

by jacquelyn29 3 weeks ago

Wait until you see how similar much of it is to what you see on DMT.

by Jeramycarter 3 weeks ago

I can read in my dreams. As soon as I look away, the text changes, but it's perfectly readable and makes sense while I'm looking at it.

by Spirited_Sail 3 weeks ago

I never got this urban legend about written language being gibberish in dreams. I've not only read in my dreams, but even debugged Python code.

by Franz28 3 weeks ago

not anymore it isn't they're now indistinguishable from reality

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Only if you're dumb

by Devonankunding 3 weeks ago

😂 oh boy, u not prepared for what's to come

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"they're now" "What's to come" Which is it?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Are you talking about what's happening now or what will be? Make up your mind.

by Devonankunding 3 weeks ago