+37 STEM Degrees are not inherently better or more profitable then Arts/Humanities Majors, amirite?

by AccomplishedBig4944 3 weeks ago

I agree, if you don't care about making money and want to be prepared for a career in fast food, or other similar manual labor.

by Brownotha 3 weeks ago

I have a friend that designed his own liberal arts degree who easily got a job as an environmental consultant (because the whole field is reading and interpreting laws and regulations). I work as an education specialist and make really good money. I studied history in college. I have a friend that got into medical school with a BA and is now a doctor. I have one that studied silly humanities stuff and became a successful Civil rights attorney. I know a couple people who work in DEI roles at companies who make a ton of money. I have a friend that made $150,000+ a year for a long time because she got an arts degree and yoga training and convinced tech companies to pay her waaaay to much money to teach yoga. I have a couple friends that went into finance and business management that are crazy successful and wealthy. On average I would say the people I went to school for humanities with make as much on average compared to stem majors I know my age.

by Luettgenlouisa 3 weeks ago

How many STEM degreed people work as Baristas? That should clear things up. My company doesn't hire Arts/Humanities majors for high paying (aka important) positions.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I feel like the STEM train is a large part of why there are so many people who major in things like biology without a plan. Plenty of other STEM degrees are similar to bio, where they're not exactly the most employable majors despite being part of stem. When people say to major in STEM, what they really should be saying is to major in like engineering or nursing lol

by Katelyngutkowsk 3 weeks ago