+47 The difference between different strains/varieties of cannabis is almost entirely placebo, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

IDK man, could be placebo, but I seem to feel a difference between sativa and indica, but I cant really tell a difference between different indicas or satiivas beyond strength.

by Ok_Database2779 3 weeks ago

Weed has been cross bred so much that it's really all just hybrids. Sure there are some old strains that exist but honestly that's not what anyone sells

by Otrantow 3 weeks ago

That's what I was gonna say, everything being sold nowadays has been bred for potency as opposed to particular nuance of effect… I grew LA Confidential years ago and absolutely loved it (whatever phenotype I had was super indica heavy), and at the same time also had some Lamb's Breath which was by FAR the most creeper & sativa reefers I ever done smoked. The difference between the two was practically more pronounced than that of night and day.

by Traditional_End_106 3 weeks ago

If weed varieties had more serious names I'd probably take the culture a little more seriously… it sounds like middle schoolers named everything.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

What would you name a Marijuana then?

by naderkailyn 3 weeks ago

That´s basically why I quit consuming cannabis 2 years ago. I felt that I was being lied to by the salespeople and the advertising/product info. No longer wanted to participate in weed culture. I feel better than I have in years now that I´m all cleaned out.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Exactly this is why OP is wrong. He clearly does not have much experience with cannabis. There is enormous differences between strains. To act like "weed is weed" is so ignorant

by vern46 3 weeks ago

And...there is like 30 active compounds in herb....the ratios of those is all that matters, and with the cross breeding, who knows what sativa vs indica ratios have in them anymore.

by Tiny-Ad 3 weeks ago

That's why I just grow it myself. Got a few pure sativas and indicas. Difference from dispensary junk is staggering. Home grow is the way to go.

by Blake48 3 weeks ago

I'll throw my own unpopular opinion in here: I prefer the hybrid stuff.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I just know all indica does to me is make me sleepy. Maybe it's a correlation not equaling causation but still, every time I smoke it (or even just do a gummy) I immediately want to go to sleep lol

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I can tell the difference, sativa makes me active and want to do things. Indica makes me completely useless and I want to eat everything. I only started taking edibles recently and I didn't know what to expect with any variety so I got a lot of different ones. So far I stick to low dose sativa, that's my go to for a pick me up.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I was in a relationship with a guy who owned a major grow operation and was extremely knowledgeable about cannabis. He said there are major differences between strains. Cannibinoids are extremely complex, much more so than most people realize. You're basing your opinion solely on your own experience, which is way, way too small a sample.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"It can't be real or important because it hasn't happened to me!" is the mantra of every narcissist

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"anyone I disagree with is a narcissist!" Is the mantra of the terminally online

by Shannonbeer 3 weeks ago

Settle down now good lord lol

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Producer claiming it's extremely complex is a bias source

by Ikling 3 weeks ago

It's not the producer claiming it to customers or for the public. He is saying it to his girlfriend. What intention does he have to lie to his girlfriend? It's not like she will buy weed from him, she gets it for free.

by Substantial-Iron5500 3 weeks ago

This is the correct answer. People who think there are no differences, are ignorant to the science of cannabis horticulture. They need to open up a book and do some research on sativa and indica strains and the differences between them

by vern46 3 weeks ago

You are basing your opinion solely on what your stoned dealer friend thinks lol

by Myronlarson 3 weeks ago

this is not even an opinion, just factually wrong. different strains have different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, which can cause vastly different experiences in users. I will say, the traditional differentiation between indica and sativa is less meaningful for individual experience than the terpenes that are present and the levels of different cannabinoids, but overall it's a useful distinction until we have developed a better labeling system.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Homie can't tell the difference of Rum and Whiskey. Or a Merlot to a Shiraz. OP is literally an 8 years old that's watched too many tiktoks about vices they've never had.

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

For real, sure there are people who act snobby about wine that can't differentiate different types but there are absolutely talented sommeliers who very much can tell the variety, region, and vintage pretty reliably.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

OP almost made a point, I was like, "I guess you can feel that way." But when he said wine and liquor are all the same, geez what even is the point of a sommeliers

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

Dropping this one the fake column

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

What you are saying may be true, but the truth is that if you check across different places geographically, or even different dispensaries, youre going to see people calling things the same name that are quite different from each other. You might see consistency from a different source, but it has not been demonstrated that this consistency carries over when you sample from different places or sources. So those names mean nothing if you try to compare them from different places.

by Dry-South 3 weeks ago

Nah when OP said all wine is the same, he literally has no legs to stand on. Lookin like drake in Degrassi. I bet all cheese is the same to OP as well.

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

Sounds like you're going to questionable dispensaries and buying low quality weed, honestly

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Which one tickles my insides and which one makes me want to walk out into traffic?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Lol from a medical cannabis user that deals with cancer you couldn't be more wrong. But keep being limited to your own experience, you do you man

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I'm not saying I disagree with you, but that doesn't make you any more qualified, you smoke weed just like OP. Unless you're also a medical student or something.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Maybe, we don't have much info from OP. Though I would wager legal medically prescribed weed is likely a better metric by which to determine differences than some dealer just giving you strain names.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Most dealers don't even know much about different kinds of weed. So most of the time they grow og kush.

by Substantial-Iron5500 3 weeks ago

Just curious do you prefer Indicas, Sativas, or Hybrids. Perhaps you utilize all?

by davion51 3 weeks ago

No that's not true. Back in the day some weed would give me anxiety and the other was relaxing. We didn't know what kind I it was, it was green and smoked. Once it was legal and having tried dozens and dozens of different strains there is a distinct difference between Indica and sativa. Sativa gives me anxiety.

by Academic-Spinach 3 weeks ago

I am the same way. I want to love sativa but it gives me anxiety every time. Indica is much more relaxing for me. Sometimes hybrids are ok, sometimes not so they are a risk but Indica is usually safe. I wish it was opposite because it's easier to find a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD with Sativa than Indica. 1:1 THC/CBD strains have been shown to have less THC side effects and is overall safer and healthier than high THC strains but damn those 1:1 strains are hard to find and impossible to find in an Indica.

by Hammesselina 3 weeks ago

That's so funny cause it's the opposite for me. Indica makes me incredibly anxious and sativa is nice. But I have ADHD and I feel like with indica it relaxes my body without relaxing my mind, so my brain is still going crazy but my body doesn't wanna move.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Can't wait for my country to make it legal.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

The difference in categorizing sativa and indica is moving toward negligible now. Sativa and Indica used to be distinctly split and categorized by their long and tall / short and bushy plant growth respectively. This had an effect on grow times, terpenes etc. contributing to their distinct properties. Recently though, as these plants have now been cross-bred so extremely heavily, you can find a sativa strain that contains all the usual "indica" terpenes / higher amounts of minor cannabinoids like cbd and knocks you out, and an indica strain that contains "sativa" terpenes and wakes you up and gives anxiety. There are lots of "sativa" plants that will grow short and bushy, and lots of "indicas" that will grow long and tall nowadays. The main factors to look at these days for the difference in effect is 1) the terpenes (I.e- limonene is commonly attributed to "sativa"-type effects) and 2) minor cannabinoid counts (CBD, CBN at ≈.5% + is typically attributed to indica strains) So in all honestly it still is entirely possible that some placebo effect is at play here if you are simply choosing based on whether it is a sativa or an indica.

by Charlie30 3 weeks ago

Exactly the same experience. Sometimes I love weed, sometimes i get very paranoid and anxious. I'm pretty sure it's Indica vs Sativa, but I do think you get a lot of cross breeds or badly labelled weed so even then it's not a sure thing.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

indica has more cbn

by Proud_Plantain 3 weeks ago

Sativa/Indica doesn't matter as much as the terpenes. Chemically you cannot identify if a strain is Sativa or Indica, but you can identify and categorize based on what terps are present. That's what actually matters

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

In the way back whens, before all the cross breeding was there a predominance of certain terpenes in the tall skinny sativas vs the short floofy indicas?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You know nothing Jon Green

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This isn't an opinion, you're just an idiot arguing fact.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

There's plenty of data and even pictures detailing the different strains...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You can have your opinion but it is the truth that different strains have different predominant side effects lol

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

That is like saying all apples are the same. Sure...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Not correct, sadly. Low tolerance will have you thinking like this, though

by ineskuhlman 3 weeks ago

This is nonsense I have had two different weeds hit me very differently and I had no idea it was two different kinds. there are deff varieties that give you more of a body or mind high.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You're cute.

by Illustrious-Clock 3 weeks ago

Yea you could not be more wrong.

by Fun-Chemist404 3 weeks ago

This isn't an opinion. It is just being wrong on the facts.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"I can't tell the difference. Therefore, no one can"

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

you're trippin. lol. the difference is obvious.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You're wrong. Sativa makes me paranoid. Indica=my mind is relaxed. I don't need to prove it. It's science… my mind is proof enough.

by Agreeable-Adagio2137 3 weeks ago

There is literally no difference between xanax and coffee - OP, probably

by StatisticianHot 3 weeks ago

imagine thinking that in a world where we can break down anything and measure its atomic composition that we cannot do the same for weed, and show 100% there is a difference

by Cyriljacobs 3 weeks ago

A wrong opinion.

by carey29 3 weeks ago

Strains are actually very different. You can't tell me, citrus and gas are similar fragrances. Diesel and lemon haze are quite different strains. One being indica dominant and one being a indica hybrid. But the effects are very different.

by Initial_Might 3 weeks ago

Something tells me you just haven't had good weed lmao

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Nah. Science.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I respectfully disagree. I used to not really be able to articulate the differences in the way different strains made me feel. But I wasn't analyzing it either. I wasn't in touch with my body and mind, nor was I aware of the way it made me think differently until I quit for a while recently after 30 years of fairly heavy and continuous use. In my experience, sativas can definitely accelerate ruminations in my brain that I can't shut off, whereas heavy indicas can put me out like a light. My question for OP is, are you a person who has an internal monologue? I wonder what people who don't have one feel about this as a factor in discerning among strains.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

this isn't even an opinion, it's just factually incorrect. i probably couldn't name the strains in a blind test, but the sativa/indica split is WILDLY obvious and definitely have different effects

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

The dominant terpene is usually the difference I find. If youre looking for sleep aid weed it'd probably be myercene or linalool. One of my favorites is caryophyllene for its anxiety reducing effects.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Any particular strain in which those 3 predominate?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Green crack, AK-47 (better for my days), or variations of Kush, like Pink Kush are some of my favorites for myercene. Variations of Gorilla Glue or Sour Diesel are great for caryophyllene. I'm less knowledgeable on strains dominant in linalool but something like do-si-dos is good for limonene. All just examples and realistically lots of strains out today are hybrids of some of these.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This is the most uneducated take ive heard in a while

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

When they said, "wine & liquor too."

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

I know some strains help my ptsd and some don't. I would agree with your placebo assessment, only I didn't know what strains I was consuming when I initially starred smoking. I wasn't expecting any particular effects. But I could tell how different sessions affected my symptoms, and there was a wide degree of difference between them.

by AmazingPut3509 3 weeks ago

I 100% feel a difference between indica and sativa Add to this regarding terpines , I'll agree with you in regard to those that burn their cannabis but those that vape it will tell you there is a vast difference in flavour. I can vape a diesel strain and tell you it's a diesel strain, same with the pines or citrus, truly brings out the flavours associated with the terpines when you don't burn your plant

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Tried a strain once called Green Crack. Made me hyper, energetic and paranoid. Haven't touched a sativa since.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You're factually incorrect. And your reference to wine or liquor just makes it worse. With wine, you can absolutely tell the difference between different varietals. A brachetto is not going to taste the same as a Moscato, and neither of those is going to taste the same as a Pinot Noir or a Sauvignon Blanc. And don't get me started on rum vs whiskey vs tequila. You sound like some kid who has neither used marijuana nor drank more than your dad's beer that you jacked from the fridge when he wasn't home.

by Equivalent-Stuff1591 3 weeks ago

High horse and weed...there's a joke in there somewhere.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Do you think all cheese is the same too? Since your take that all wine is the same is literally laughable. Look, I'm laughing right now, "hahahahahahahahahaha."

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

I mean, as somebody that's been growing for far longer than I should have been? Yeah there's definitely differences, but on the same note, hardly anybody can tell the difference and largely does just wanna sound cool lmfao I'm also remembering back in the day before it was legal when every single dealer would brag about their "kush" when about %90 of the time it'd be something completely different, if not straight up ditch weed XD

by Schinnerfrancis 3 weeks ago

Some of us use weed for medical purposes, and the type matters a lot. I use it for my nausea and some work better than others.

by Sea_Silver 3 weeks ago

Strains even taste different

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

50 years of smoking weed tells me otherwise. There is definitely a difference between indica and sativa.

by Routine_Ad5420 3 weeks ago

I smoke for flavor. So I disagree. I don't like weed that doesn't taste like dank weed. Skunky/funky hashy/gassy. No fruit please!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Nah mate, some terpenes give me a migraine every time, whereas others help

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

which high horse? I'm the one who is high. Years ago when I visited Amsterdam with a bunch of friends, I remember there was a manu that described each available strain on the scale from "energetic" to "heavy stoned". I got to tried a few and they kinda do give different effect. Fun times..

by mattrosenbaum 3 weeks ago

Well you are wrong

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I understand that strains of marijuana have been cross bred to infinity, but there's definitely a difference in the high that I get between strains. I haven't smoked in years, but I distinctly remember liking the relaxing feeling that certain strains gave me and hating the paranoia and anxiety from others.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Another clown who thinks he knows cannabis 🤣😭

by Ywaelchi 3 weeks ago

I've smoked daily for longer than I care to admit, and have never noticed a difference between indica and sativa.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

It's kinda like mushrooms. I can't really tell the different trips between strains but some simply have a stronger effect than others. Only when you get to comparing different species of shrooms do I notice a difference other than strength variations between flushes, strains, and individual fruits. Maybe some people are more sensitive to the differences, but that's not me and I've been at it for a long time.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

you must not smoke a lot

by Possible-Editor 3 weeks ago

I agree. I don't think it makes any difference.

by Afraid_Feed 3 weeks ago


by Devon80 3 weeks ago

With Tequila vs Vodka etc. it's made from Agave isn't it? So potentially something in that is having an effect? Either way, I just avoid tequila

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Nah, OP said all liquors are the same Literally a minor, who doesn't even have the cognitive skill to differentiate between colors

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

What an idiot you are. I am so very sorry about you.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Almost everything is a hybrid any more. These people are idiots

by OpinionInitial8746 3 weeks ago

I somewhat agree, after growing my own I definitely notice a difference in smells, tastes and highs. Before, weed was weed to me lol it all hit the same, tasted the same and nothing could get me past my tolerance. Good weed makes the difference, dispensaries with knowledgeable workers will definitely give you the best recommendations

by Important_Bee_9980 3 weeks ago

You are incorrect but do you. I'm in a family that grows and I'm never really all that into it and I never ask for or know what strain I'm getting because I really do care that is until I get one that hits differently and is noticeably better. I can see why you think this though as so many are mid or not very good but as someone that blind tastes test different strains often there is definitely a difference. There are other factors in how you grow that greatly influence a crop aside from the strain as well. There are a lot of factors so depending on the source one strain from two different growers could have greatly different potency. My weed comes from a family member so it's all single sourced having that consistency really lets you notice the difference.

by HopefulPurchase2897 3 weeks ago

I dunno man when I drink Whiskey I want to fight, so I imagine it's the same thing /s

by Weary-Power7062 3 weeks ago

Its definitely not all the same. What you have today are alot of hybrids and I'd posit that the real original sativas and indicas are more rare than it might seem. Everyone and their grandmother can cultivate and create their own strain. Alot of growers do this for branding purposes. They can also mix various strains for yield purposes. But as they combine these various strains, they are diluting the gene pool. One strain will win the cannabis cup and all of a sudden everything is mixed with it. The best way to get anything good is likely getting the seeds yourself from a reputable company and growing it yourself. If you want a TRUE indica, it'll be a strain whoes harvest should turn it purple. This is because indicas are from colder climates in the hindu kush mountain range. Its their form of "fall" color change. The buds might not necessarily turn vivid purple, but the leaves and the tiny ones around the bud will. The buds themselves are usually very round and thick. Little tails around the bud tips indicate either a hybrid/sativa or they did not keep all the light out to allow it true dark time and the bud kept expanding when it should be condensing. A real indica is going to put you to sleep and really slow you down. A true Sativa is one originating from a tropical climate. So these strains will have a long body to the bud that is typically not very thick at all. The color of the plant itself will not really change but will remain a lighter shade of green. Alot of your more fruity smelling or tasting strains come out of these. A real sativa will get you moving or wanting to go get active. Thats what I know anyways. They are absolutely different with their own specific flavors and effects. Its like saying all wines are the same. They just aren't.

by Connect-Food 3 weeks ago

Its seems to be like wine, there are sommeliers who can pick up on small differences but most people probably dont care to know and enjoy it regardless

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Barack Obama pack is real. I just had that like a week ago.

by colevivienne 3 weeks ago

You should meet my dad lmao. ¨Almost nobody would be able to reliably tell the difference between strains in a blind test¨ you would be surprised

by katlynnlang 3 weeks ago

The only thing that makes a difference to me about weed is it's form (flower, edibles, wax, etc.). Of course, I also judge weed based on its presentation, smell, and overall quality. Caring about strains and whether it's indica or sativa just reminds me of when I first started smoking in high school though. There's just no way I'll ever be convinced that stuff makes a difference in the high. I get that the growing process is different, but it's more for marketing 100%.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

For Sativa, it is just one puff and I am done. Triggers my anxiety and causes nausea. Never enjoyed it. I'll have to try Indica.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Im with you as long as it ain't Reggie.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

If I was basing it solely on personal experience I'd be with you 100% but unfortunately the fact is there are identifiable chemical differences between strains of cannabis and those differences present in different physiological sensations for different people. The way my tolerance/system works I basically have "high" and "not high" regardless of the strain, the strength, the quality, anything. It's quite literally all the same to me. Meanwhile my fiancé has a much more sensitive palette for these things and he can easily tell the difference between indica/sativa and he can even some specific strains just on how fruity they taste. It's amazing to me bc I couldn't tell if you paid me.

by Dazzling_Warning9602 3 weeks ago

Lol. And do you realize why scientific research into weed is scant?

by Ill-Efficiency1876 3 weeks ago

No I think there is a firm difference on indica and sativa. To what others have said, most strains are hybrid now, so you get a blend of effects that are all not too dissimilar. But I smoke to smoke with the mindset that "weed is weed". However, since I honestly don't think about the THC% or anything the sellers say, some have made me sleepier, some seem to make me woozy and more head rushy, some make me giggly, some make me like textures more. I used to know my "go tos" (pink kush) I honestly became pretty indifferent

by Significant_Note_218 3 weeks ago

Well I can tell you one type of edible gives me restless leg and the other does not. After like 100 trials. Pretty sure I'm not imagining it.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You only think this because you've grown up in a world where people with MBAs are in charge of growing the weed vs old hippies and people who are just into horticulture. It wasn't that long ago but I can assure you that 10-15 years ago different strains had different smells, flavors, and effects. Now that weed is bred for strictly THC (CBD has helped some) all of the compounds that used to make strains different were left by the wayside. So now sour diesel, blue dream, purple haze, blackberry kush etc. all smoke the same. Even when I get a "full spectrum" cart or buds it doesn't compare to weed from 2012 and before. The best weed remains to be from old heads growing their own but that is increasingly hard to source.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Maybe, but different strains also smell and taste different. That's enough reason to defend the variety. Even if you can't distinguish a different quality of high.

by Tatyana08 3 weeks ago

It's all so hybridised these days.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

There are too many other variables to know. I know it's going to make me tired no matter what, maybe sativas slightly less quickly.

by Mfeest 3 weeks ago

Maybe it is a bit snobbish, but you can tell the slight differences between strains. One way I can tell is there are some strains that give you MONSTER munchies. Not the normal munchies you usually get, the I can't quit thinking about food even though I just had a sandwich and 6 cookies and some potato chips kind of munchies. You can also tell by the quality of the high.

by colson 3 weeks ago

One gives me psychosis the other gives me a light high, I don't know which is which

by Wild-Ad 3 weeks ago

absolutely not. Indica makes me feel fine and sativa gives me crazy back pain for some reason. Even when i eat edibles and I dont know what they were made of, I can immediately tell because of my back pain haha

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I think that's simply your experience. Indicas make me laugh and make me hungry. Sativas give me panic attacks. The end.

by celia26 3 weeks ago

Anything with a lot of cbn makes me feel chill, which is what I want, that's all I know. I'll supplement cbn edibles before consuming other things and that works good too.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago


by arunolfsdottir 3 weeks ago

Is there a strain seriously named "Obama kush" lmfaooo? Obama did not die for this.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Can't speak for cannabis, but with whiskey there is a difference with smell. The actual taste is all the same, but the different scents can have a big impact on flavor.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Nah bro OP says you're a "SNOB"

by Devon80 3 weeks ago

I get the same amount of high off anything. Indica/ sativa. No different depending on the strain.

by Kenmarks 3 weeks ago

Not really? Where I live you have to not only list the strain but the specific levels of at least just THC and CBD. They can vary WILDLY and thats only two of them.

by Infinite_Action5432 3 weeks ago

The main difference is thc concentration. More thc means a better high. This is affected more by the age of the bud than anything, and can vary even within a single strain, but the specific strain is not irrelevant. There's a lot of really minor variations also. Like how concentrated it is and whether it's indica or sativa base, which i agree are mostly placebo. That being said, the main difference is usually just the taste, smell, and smoothness of actually smoking it.

by kautzerjayce 3 weeks ago


by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This is the right answer

by Devon80 3 weeks ago