+29 You can't really be friends with people you don't agree much with. amirite?

by Inner_Replacement 3 weeks ago

Sure you can. In fact, they're some of the best ones. Unless you enjoy echo chambers.

by Subject-Composer 3 weeks ago

Yes you can, not only disagreeing but they accept even people who uses abuses too & speak dirty and will try to change themselves according to that.. I have seen it happening in real .. I have observed and studied human being very closely .. I know very well who they reject and who they don't and why..

by Cordelia40 3 weeks ago

Disagree. My bestie of 25 years first met when I was going through a what colour is my skin phase (3x baggy pants, Raiders cap with the tag still on etc...still very much white though) while he sported a mullet and Metallica t-shirt. We are one another's living devil's advocate for lack of better words.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

It depends on how strongly you feel about your opinions, I guess. I am far left for even European standards, but I could definitely be friends with right voting people as long as they do not disagree with my non-negotiables. Everyone puts priorities to their opinions. Most of those are part of a grey area and can be discussed and disagreed among friends. Some opinions will probably be non-negotiable, often this is about certain rights you think you or someone should have. People who disagree with those, quite likely cannot really be your friend, because you usually feel very strong about them. From what I have seen/experienced, most people feel the same about non-negotiables, so it is rarely going to be a big issue.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You will most likely marry one of them.

by Ok_Gain1190 3 weeks ago

Exactly. Differentiate the art from the artist type thing

by Virginiehegmann 3 weeks ago

Oh well that changes everything, my bad 🤷

by Few_Manufacturer 3 weeks ago