+23 You never see carrot on a pizza. amirite?

by jacobskevon 3 weeks ago

That's because it, along with celery, should form part of the base tomato/pizza sauce.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Yeah. Some things just shouldn't exist. And this idea is one of them

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

It's a pizza the moment you put you fists into the dough!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Giardiniera can have carrots (though not typically) and is common on Chicago pies

by AstronomerLarge 3 weeks ago

Mooses Tooth Pizza has carrots on at least 2 different pizzas they sell.

by carliewilliamso 3 weeks ago

You could put carrots on your pizza. But then you'd have to eat it.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Poop too

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

California Pizza Kitchen's Thai Chicken Pizza includes shredded carrots, yum!

by braxton73 3 weeks ago

Yeah because that's nasty

by Odd_Collection_2578 3 weeks ago

As long as the carrots are cooked and very soft it would probably be alright. I don't think you'd really taste them though.

by ebrekke 3 weeks ago

What about cucumbers?

by Legitimate_Drawer796 3 weeks ago

Pickled are ok.

by Important_Use8602 3 weeks ago

Can't imagine it coping too well with the heat of a pizza oven.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago