+51 NFL players who holdout just hurt their team and at that level should be grateful for how much they get paid. amirite?

by sashajacobi 3 weeks ago

One, you are paid for the revenue you produce the company and the scarcity of the number of people that can do that job. Two, football players suffer physically for the rest of their lives in pain and most have brain trauma Three, average NFL career less than 5 years.

by Novapacocha 3 weeks ago

I think the responsibility falls on the owners to meet the demands of players they want on their team. They owe it to the fans who spend their hard earned money to support the teams. The average NFL owner is worth 8 billion dollars, it would take the average person approximately 500,000 years to achieve that wealth. They should honor their commitment and show respect to their fans by putting forth the best team possible, regardless of cost.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

People always want to make as much money as they can. Part of it is the money itself. And part of it is respect. The more the team is willing to pay is indicative of how good they are acknowledging you are.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Why take the average when you have quarterbacks making over $50m per year? That's going to skew the numbers a lot. How many times in your life have you gone to your employer and said I make more than the median income (<$60k), I'd like to give some back? They've trained their entire lives to do this, they have a short shelf life, contracts aren't guaranteed, and they risk almost certain lifelong health effects, including CTE.

by hicklerocky 3 weeks ago