+35 Single player games that don't allow you to pause whenever you need to, like Souls inspired games, are stupid, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I agree, a game should not punish the player for things outside of their control. Like needing to go to the bathroom.

by Ok_Personality2586 3 weeks ago

Wait you don't game with a catheter?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Of course not, that's weird. I use a diaper like a normal person.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Why diapers? I game on the toilet with a minifridge under the sink.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Foul 🤮🤣

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

if you don't have the gamer bucket under your chair you are not a REAL gamer

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

These scrubs aren't even getting performance enhancing colostomies. No way they hit MLG

by Competitive-Tear 3 weeks ago

True gamers use an RGB razor gaming catheter

by Wilma86 3 weeks ago

100%. It doesn't add fun in anyway. I play single player games specifically for times when I know I may have to up and go here and there.

by sipesshirley 3 weeks ago

Bro, if your bathroom breaks are that long, you should probably speak to someone…

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Or dealing with kids, or just anything anyone with a life would need to attend to

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I literally just got back from pausing a game to go. Cheating according to those games!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I mean, depending on what system you play on cant you hit the home button and that will suspend your game? Eliminating the need for pause even though it should just be a feature

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Not even. On console you can just quit the game and anything you kill when reopening will still be dead and any enemy you have not will just return to their spawn. or hit the "help me" function in elden ring and it freezes the gameplay to let you read.

by Awisoky 3 weeks ago

You dont even have to reload the game, you can just stand still in place, enemies dont move around map

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Erm, yeah, they absolutely do in Elden Ring

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

In Elden Ring it matters even less, because you can quick travel from anywhere, and it takes 2 minutes at most to get anywhere on horse

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This is why the Steam Deck is a lifesaver. Pause and suspend, then leave it until you're ready to play again without losing progress. I've left my Deck sometimes as long as a week before jumping back into a game without worrying if there was a save point.

by CarePsychological249 3 weeks ago

I agree. I am an adult with responsibilities and never know when I will be needed. Not being able to pause is endlessly frustrating.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I completely agree. Fortunately the majority of the games I have played have pauses, and most of the ones that don't, it either doesn't matter or they are simple games such as bejeweled (which I think does have a pause :P). But, if I am in the middle of doing something, I don't want to have to quit the game, which then requires getting back into it, which for some games can take forever due to loading screens and just general loading ,then loading the game itself. Then, some games also warp you back to a 'safe spot' which means treking back to wherever I was before I was interrupted. it is especially annoying if the interruption is only going to be a minute or two, but I don't want to get attacked or miss out on dialogue, so need to pause. Or I don't know how long the interruption is going to take, so I want to pause. The times I find it most annoying is when there isn't the ability to pause mid cutscreen/dialogue without exiting it. I *want* to know what is being said, and sometimes the games make it so exiting the dialogue means you lose some options. Sadly, more of the games I have played don't have a pause ability for cut screens than the ones that don't have a pause for gameplay purposes.

by Fit_Ideal4670 3 weeks ago

All of the souls games allow you to pause whenever you need. If you leave the game you'll come back wherever you were

by Ollierice 3 weeks ago

Its not really that terrible in the souls games. As long as you already cleared out the immediate area more enemies don't spawn so you don't need to pause.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Or you quit to main menu and in all but ds2 it resets enemies

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

if you've ever even played a souls game you'd know that like 90% of the time you can just leave your game idle and nothing will even happen to you

by danikawilkinson 3 weeks ago

A lot of people pause games to calm down and make a plan when situations get stressful. But souls games dont want to give you the option. Win or die those are the only options. The bonfire is the only place where you are really safe, so it feels even better when you find one. I was annoyed the first time I realized that I cannot pause everywhere but it definitely made my experience with the games slightly better.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

If I'm not mistaken, from didn't put pause option in souls games simply because it's made with multiplayer structure and they can't figure it out. In sekiro which is entirely single player, u can pause the game. I got no source for this though

by Donnellycletus 3 weeks ago

there is no big chunks of progress to lose in soulslikes though. At most you lose like a few minutes, but thats rare

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You can typically pause by going to settings-> config I believe, but it isn't really advertised.

by Routine-Weakness 3 weeks ago

Nope, it doesn't pause the game.

by hanenadia 3 weeks ago

in elden ring there is some kind of help menu or something that pauses the game.. maybe only in single player ?

by amclaughlin 3 weeks ago

You could always just die and go back. I don't see it as that big of an issue.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I genuinely can't think of a moment where not being able to pause has been a big deal at least in Elden ring. even if I'm in the middle of a boss fight and need to go I'll just die and come back after. There's probably some really specific examples someone could come up with where not having a pause would actually be annoying, but this is one of the most nit picky complaints I've ever seen.

by Vicky31 3 weeks ago

It's a fair complaint, if I'm not playing online why can't I pause? Things happen in life, the world doesn't revolve around you or your experiences so not pausing might not affect you but it might affect others.

by Both_Dentist_1976 3 weeks ago

Why? The game doesn't need to cater to those players, they can move on knowing this game isn't meant for them? Gamers these days really think everything needs to be how they want it to be. I'm glad fromsoft just ignores them

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I mean, I don't think implementing a pause button is "catering" to those players. People who don't want there to be a pause option because it breaks immersion or suspense can just not press pause. And the people who want to use the bathroom can do so without losing progress. I would understand the argument more if it was about adding in an easier game difficulty or something. Not only would adding an easier difficulty be a more robust task, but it would almost always be inconsistent with the developer's intent (e.g., a hard game). But no pause button? Seriously? It's probably very easy to put into the game, and most people use it to do things unrelated to game difficultly (e.g., using the bathroom, or answering a call). That said, developers are always free to do what they want. But when "what they want" is "not letting me press pause to use the bathroom," then it's not surprising that there's pushback.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Devils advocate but I've dumped hundreds of hours into fromsoft games and there has literally never been a single time I've ever had to pause so bad that I needed a pause button. If it's really that serious I'll just turn the Xbox off and come back later… like it's really not a big deal.

by Effective-Guess 3 weeks ago

The grace sites are so frequent too lol and everywhere is pretty easily traversible. If you need to pause just die and get ur runes back later? I don't really understand what everyone's complaining about.

by Vicky31 3 weeks ago

Yeah… I mean if I'm literally in the middle of a fight and I need to pause that bad, I'll take the l and try again. It's honestly not that serious. If I'm anywhere else I just log off,.. it resumes right where you were.

by Effective-Guess 3 weeks ago

I'm dying 20-100 times a boss anyway, what's one more

by Vicky31 3 weeks ago

Look. We can't pause the game, it's probably intentional. Changing that would be literally catering to people who want to pause. Let's keep it the way it is because if it's a problem you can simply move on like I said

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I kinda hate this "just move on" argument since it can be used against almost any criticism of any media...

by frederikbatz 3 weeks ago

Yeah no way they made what, 6 games or so were you Arent able to pause and have it be a coincidence

by RealisticHoliday7477 3 weeks ago

Im pretty sure the idea is that they don't want you to open the menu and change items and stuff while in battle and also because of online play.

by amclaughlin 3 weeks ago

What is this weird deference to an obviously exclusionary feature? Am I supposed to just "move on" from games I'd otherwise enjoy for the crime of being a dad? Ludicrous.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

It's not a problem, it's a silly omission and pretending like it's "a feature" is stupid. Having a pause in any single-player game doesn't take away anything from people who don't want it, for whatever reason. It's like saying a boss run-up is a good thing and not a giant waste of time - same thing. From software zealots are funny in a sad way

by Sweaty_End 3 weeks ago

they didn't say it needed to be changed, they said it rubs them the wrong way. "this mechanic sucks so i don't like the game" is not the same as "change this mechanic right now". it's basically the opposite. you can move on from a game and also complain about it

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I didn't think pausing to go to the bathroom would be that unpopular but here you are so I was wrong haha

by fidelbarton 3 weeks ago

I swear to god FromSoft fans are just Apple fanboys of gaming.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Sorry the game isn't for you. Skill issue tbh.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

No it didn't. If it did you wouldn't need to rationalize it the way you have. Pausing a game like Elden Ring isn't going to allow someone to play better or have better timings against bosses or be less stressed when getting their asses kicked. And we know this because we see countless videos of people playing and basically beating the game days after it comes out, or with bananas for controllers, etc.

by Routine_Contest2610 3 weeks ago

Yes, it does. Because you being stressed and anxious is part of what makes the games so hard, moreso than other games.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Then how does Sekiro work with the same vibe being a thousand times harder than Elden ring while having a pause option?

by Mundane-Internal 3 weeks ago

By being a generally harder game? It's harder to dodge and the weapons are just generally worse. I'm not saying every hard game MUST not have a a pause button? It's just a part of these games.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I wouldn't have gotten through genichiro or lady butterfly near as quickly as I did if I couldn't pause and breathe, it definitely did make the game easier.

by Routine-Weakness 3 weeks ago

Different game design. Do you think the combat in them is the same?

by Josephaltenwert 3 weeks ago

Souls games are notorious for kicking gamers in the balls and then laughing in your face about it, it's just their game design philosophy. Works well enough for them

by According_Middle3847 3 weeks ago

Not having a pause is still an unnecessary and archaic game design in a world where people have other priorities. While it would be a minor change, I think it would be a welcome one.

by No_Boat_2460 3 weeks ago

Why do I have an incredibly strong feeling this was inspired by hades 2

by Khessel 3 weeks ago

What? Couldn't face tank the entire game by devouring the entire cheese reserves of France and Italy?

by Virtual-Feeling 3 weeks ago

If you want to get up from a game whenever you want and have this kind of attitude, then just stand up and walk away when you need to lol....

by stehrkurt 3 weeks ago

99% of games have a pause button and you chose the one series that doesn't have it. just don't play it? lol

by lolita73 3 weeks ago

Yeah this is how I feel whenever ppl complain about how hard soulsborne games are. I don't consider myself a "good" gamer, but I love Dark Souls anyway. Not everything is made to cater to you specifically.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Totally agree. Being punishing and hard af is what Dark Souls is famous for. I gave up halfway through the first one because it was just too tedious for me. Doesn't mean I think they should make the game easier or more linear. Nobody's forcing me to play it, ya know?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

yeah lol. i dont like that i cant pause it either, but thats literally a design choice, not a flaw. if i wanna pee i'll play skyrim

by lolita73 3 weeks ago

git gud

by Senior-Mechanic 3 weeks ago

but then why not allow pausing ?

by amclaughlin 3 weeks ago

Idk. I'm not the creator. I just share what is common in the community.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Cause the multiplayer functions would break every time you pause. Sekiro is the exception cause it has no multiplayer function that works like that.

by Awisoky 3 weeks ago

hard agree. an emergency happening in real life takes precedence over the video game i'm playing, but developers don't seem to agree.

by Jaded_Call_3531 3 weeks ago

Not really an unpopular opinion, but also as an avid Souls fan, you're very wrong. Having a pause button would ruin the thematic point the souls games go for

by Efrain80 3 weeks ago

There is a fine line when something is fine being thematic or when its better for practical purposes. DS type games not giving you a pause time is the latter. You could even make it so that you can't pause the game mid combat or something so you don't abuse the system if that is a worry.

by Sufficient_Water 3 weeks ago

okay so when your doorbell rings you just.. hang out in a room?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Don't care clear the mob and stand nothing gonna happen. In boss fights just die and retry. Its not a big deal.

by Hoyt14 3 weeks ago

Assuming you're in an inescapable fight, die, answer the doorbell, your character will have respawned in that time, and go back to where you were and take your souls or runes or whatever back. Usually it won't even take a minute. If you're not in a fight then just keep your character wherever.

by gstark 3 weeks ago

That or die and respawn, it's really simple. Here's the flow chart Something happens that pulls me away from the game -> put down controller -> do the thing -> come back to game and continue no matter what happened cause it's a game and at most I lost 15-30 mins of playtime Ppl gripe about no pause and like, what have you really lost if you die?

by Efrain80 3 weeks ago

I'm not committing to learn any video game like it's a job. I play to have fun and have a light challenge. Not to rage at stupid things

by Standard_Command 3 weeks ago

Which makes games like souls games not for you the point of those games is to be extremely tough and unforgiving

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I dont know, why would you rage at it because of no pause? What is so enraging to it? I understand that you might not enjoy it. That you dont want to spend few hours to learn boss moveset. But can't understand raging at games.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

TIL that not pausing a video game is equivalent to... learning it?? Like a job???

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I find games that are easy accomplishment based are fine for certain days but are less rewarding overall. But games like souls are super rewarding when you do win. I feel like I broke a code in souls to pass a certain spot. But I get the gripe from OP.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So you're not the intended demographic for the game 🤷 not every game is made for everyone.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

it's not for people who game as a break from life

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Maybe it should be tied to difficulty. In DyingLight you can always pause and openning inventory pauses the game aswell only on the hardest difficulty opennimg the inventory doesnt pause the game which is great for forcing you to avoid cheap strategies(you can still pause the game though)

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I don't mind it when it's during combat or something. One of my only criticisms of Breath of the Wild is the ability at any moment to constantly heal and take time to think during every moment. But generally yeah I agree.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I can't believe I have to say it, but games should be fun.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion and I totally agree with it

by FewGrab 2 weeks ago

Or games that don't allow you to save or quit mid level.

by Typical-Recipe 2 weeks ago

I would like also it in coop games. You play with a friend.. And we have to quit each time someone needs to do something.

by xavier74 2 weeks ago

I agree and I'll add... Let me pause cutscenes.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

And what about those unpausable cutscenes! I really don't like those

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

As long as you're playing offline it should be allowed, though I can see why online it shouldn't.

by Zealousideal_Arm1013 2 weeks ago

Wait, isn't death the ultimate pause screen?

by ankundinglaury 2 weeks ago

just soft quit the game and go back at it in seconds if you like

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I like how the Switch does it. Like even if you can't pause the game in that moment, you can just suspend it and go right back to where you were when you resume it.

by wolfdulce 2 weeks ago

Well souls games are always saving in the background so you can literally just close the game and not lose any progress. Otherwise just tuck your character in a corner somewhere and pray another player doesn't invade you.

by Carleeokeefe 2 weeks ago

This is not an unpopular opinion

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I get what you mean but I've never found it an issue in souls games. Enemies don't wander a whole lot so even if you have to run for a minute you can usually park yourself somewhere in a corner. Bonfires you can usually run back pretty quickly from anyways

by Aufderhararjun 2 weeks ago

Jedi Survivor has literal save spots lol

by Careful_Limit601 2 weeks ago

And people who say "well you have to commit and be focused" need to sort their priorities because gaming should be fun. I find this really funny, because there's so many games out there designed with a pause function, but the two dozen games on the market that don't come with a pause function are a problem? God forbid a game does something a little different than everyone else, not every single game needs to be designed for the most casual of players. I can get up when I want from work so sure as hell should be able to do it during play. Every multiplayer game would disagree. Also the souls games are so much safer to go AFK in than you realize, you can do it practically anywhere as long as no enemies walk into aggro range of you.... And you can also just quit to the main menu at any time if you REALLY don't want to die at that particular moment....

by daughertydebora 2 weeks ago

it's stupid, but i feel like this isn't an unpopular opinion. i've definitely heard this sentiment from a lot of people before

by Original-Advisor 2 weeks ago

I think the one that needs to sort hos priority is you. Not every single game from the thousands that exist is meant to be played by you. No one is forcing you, nor does the developers want you to play their game. Kinda egocentric imo to want the world to cater to your likings.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

That better not be an unpopular opinion.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'd settle for Souls games letting you pause if you're playing offline. Online? It isn't hard to find a hiding spot, but you are opting into the mechanics of ‘surprise PvP' and being invaded at any time.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

This is one thing that always irked me whilst playing throw Nioh and Monster Hunter World, I understand that MHW is designed with MP in mind but if you're hunting solo/offline you should have the ability to pause as and when you want

by Sdach 2 weeks ago

Sorry maybe you should become a kid again did you ever consider that

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Ive been having this discussion with a co-worker nearly weekly lol I only ever tried Bloodborne but he introduced it as having "one of the most unforgiving introductions cause you just have to figure it out. That's not fun to me, I'm playing video games cause life feels punishing enough

by feeneydamon 2 weeks ago

I think the people that disagree with you have a fundamentally different opinion on what makes a game fun. Some people have more fun playing difficult and unforgiving games. In those sorts of games, mechanics like save restriction and a lack of pausing adds to the tension and increases the risk profile of exploration. It might not be your idea of fun, but it certainly is to some.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I remember when Minecraft used to pause…

by AlpsPast 2 weeks ago

As a teenager my mother certainly agreed with you

by Marta20 2 weeks ago

Souls games are technically online though.

by Edwardojaskolsk 2 weeks ago

The game auto saves constantly. Just quit out and come back. You won't lose progress.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Big pet peeve. I hate it. Allow me to pause whenever I need too. Stuff happens sometimes you gotta pause on the fly and take care of whatever it is. I only play single player so it shouldn't be an issue

by OkCow 2 weeks ago

The souls game aren't a single player experience, hence why they act like that. Sekiro is 100% offline and allows you to pause. This design is fair. If you're in a game that has online activity as part of the game, it makes sense. Single player experiences that don't allow you is just dumb, but I don't know of any like that myself.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

For the Souls series it is supported by lore, which is also why you exit and it just saves your spot. It's meant to be like the world will continue with or without you. It is supposed to add to the immersiveness alongside other titles (for the most part).

by Cool_Peace 2 weeks ago

I agree completely.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Just let me pause during story scenes. Life happens and it only seems to happen when I can't pause

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I can't play games that I can't pause because it stresses me out! I can't commit to 30 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. What if I need to pee? What if my dog needs to pee? There's too many variables my anxiety can't handle

by Low_Group5729 2 weeks ago

Solo games are literally my go to when I want to play something but I know i can't really commit to a online game because something might come up

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Just...don't play it then? Not trying to be an asshole here, but that's literally the solution. Gaming should be fun, yes, but everyone has a different definition of fun, some people have fun through getting good and perfecting the game's mechanic. 'I am adult with responsibililties and I don't wanna have to sit through a game for too long' Pick your games? Reviews exists for a reason, even if you don't wanna be spoiled, there are plenty of ways to check a game genre before getting it for yourself, even most soul-inspired games has more forgiving difficulties and options to pause. Point is, if you don't have the time, find one that's catered to your needs

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Have any of you that agree ever played a souls like game? You can exit the game and come back. the save/grace spots are more frequent than you think(at least in elden ring). Why does it have to cater to you? You can just get your points back after you die. All enemy's have set moves that you can learn to avoid, its supposed to be difficult? Tbh its giving self centered-

by Gold-Foot-733 2 weeks ago

You can essentially pause souls games, it just takes 2 extra button presses.

by dedrick69 2 weeks ago

Git gud Also, just quit outta the game if you hafta use the restroom. It's not any slower than saving in any other game. And you can do it literally any time.

by Consistent_Height 2 weeks ago

Yes everything should cater to the adults with 2 hours of weekly playtime, "no we can't have games that don't pause because some adult might have to go wipe his kids ass" Or you could just work with it, in souls games if you die because you have to go emergency wipe your kids ass you'll be near where you were anyways, not everything needs to cater to the super casuals

by New_Fishing 2 weeks ago

Nothing like having to quit and restart at the nearest checkpoint just because you had to take a dump! Totally agree!

by Repulsive-Board699 2 weeks ago

Fromsoft games let you pause. Just quit to main menu, it saves your progress.

by Original-Economy79 2 weeks ago

I mean that's kind of one of the core parts that makes a souls game lol.

by gideon94 2 weeks ago

This is kinda funny when you consider that Sekiro had a pause button. I wonder how souls fans managed to not implode after this

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

On one hand I agree that it's dumb when you can't pause a game, on the other hand from what little I've played of the souls games (they don't seem like my cup of tea from what I've played) from what I've played they seem to be designed around it, which is probably why some people defend it (although I don't see how you can design bosses around that so your point still stands).

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I literally used to have nightmares as a kid about games that wouldn't let me pause

by steubericie 2 weeks ago

Souls games are online

by DesperateTune4851 2 weeks ago

Souls games aren't single-player by default, you can be invaded.

by DisastrousResist 2 weeks ago

A boss fight may not necessarily work for this scenario (although it technically would, you just have to restart the boss) -- but many of these games, especially the Souls games, are pretty quick to exit to the main screen when selected from the menu. Then you just reenter and pick up where you left off. I don't see the big deal. I'm a dad, and that's what I do. If I really need to pause it, just quit the game to the main screen and pick back up when I'm ready. No sense in acting like a helpless sitting duck in the game when you can just quit to title.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Honestly souls doesn't rlly do this. You have checkpoints all over

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You can't pause because the game has online functionality. It's not to punish the player.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

If you're on console just go to your consoles home screen to "pause". It doesn't allow you to change gear, but if you want to just step away for a minute it works.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Like what? In Souls just you can't pause the game because it's technically always multiplayer.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You can leave the game in dark souls, it saves where you last were and all the enemies stay dead + all the enemies reset back to their spawnpoint

by Alexandreaufder 2 weeks ago

One of Minecraft's biggest flaws

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Or maybe you just need to understand that not everything is for you. Not everything needs to cater to you.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Souls games are not single player. That's why you can't pause during them, unlike sekiro which is truly single player, which can be paused. I do think it would be nice if you could pause as long as your launch setting was set to offline, maybe.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Well to be fair Dark Souls is meant to be played online. Since you can get invaded or invade other people and also leave messages behind. But ya if there were an option to be able to pause while playing offline I would not be against it.

by Apprehensive_Try 2 weeks ago

I fully agree, and I absolutely love FromSoft and Soulslike games, but that feature is absolutely idiotic

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Or you just learn to plan ahead for 2 minutes.... I can't think of a single game were you can't reach a safe spot in that time.

by Katelinmurphy 2 weeks ago

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion actually lol

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I do think it's quite silly. Pausing the game doesn't give the player any kind of advantage. It exists for those situations where you quickly need to leave the computer to deal with something - maybe someone is injured or the doorbell just rang. Taking away that feature is disrespectful to the player's time and life outside of the game, and there's literally no good reason to do so. Dark Souls is generally pretty good about this because there are tons of places to safely wait at between fights, and the fights are short enough that scenarios where you really need to pause are pretty rare. But I've still had this issue many times and it just makes me shake my head. And many other Soulslike games are far worse about doing this. Like, yes, I get it, Soulslike games are hard, and they are designed to be hard - but taking away pausing doesn't make the game harder. People aren't pausing to take breaks in a game where most fights are over in 5-10 seconds. Dark Souls has an excuse at least, because it's multiplayer-heavy infrastructure probably makes implementing pauses a nightmare - but then every singleplayer soulslike without this limitation decided that this inconvenience was apparently an important part of the experience? Why? Someone explain to me what the inability to pause actually adds to the gameplay in any shape or form, and give an actually good reason? It's pure inconvenience. Inconvenience is not a good way to make games 'harder'. Should Dark Souls remove sprinting because forcing the player to walk further is a test of patience?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

steam deck fixes this!

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

There's always a loophole to pause, just gotta press like 3 buttons But I agree, pretty dumb that we should have to do that

by goyetteyazmin 2 weeks ago

Skill issue. Git gud scrub.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Such non-multiplayer games are a thing?!

by Suspicious_Dream 2 weeks ago

How about this — not every game needs to cater to players who play them casually. And what you consider fun, might mean something different to other people. There are hundreds of games you could buy that allow you to pause and leave when you like. Leave the few that exist alone for those that enjoy them.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago