-42 Making the bed is unnecessary and shouldn't be seen as one of the mandatory things to do, amirite?

by hcorkery 3 weeks ago

Its honestly just to look nice lol. I only make the guest room bed lol.

by StrongYear5735 3 weeks ago

I don't tuck in the sheets and whatnot, but i try to make it look somewhat neat.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Yeah, my fiancée and I don't like to be all tucked in, and we just use a duvet with no sheets, but we still tidy up the pillows and pull the duvet up so it's clean and tidy. Honestly, this bedding strategy is the best because it makes making the bed so easy.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

For who though? Yourself?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

...yes? Is it so hard to believe that people like to keep their homes and bedrooms neat and tidy?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I like to have my surroundings somewhat tidy. It's like that saying about a clean environment makes a clean mind and a messy environment makes a messy mind.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Gonna jump in here...yes. I made it a more regimented habit after I realised how settled/clear the room (and I) felt after doing it, and I don't havento worry about it before getting into bed. Plus it's easier to fold clothes on.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Who even worries about that?

by hansencullen 3 weeks ago

People who like their beds to be made and the parents of people who don't make their beds.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Parole officers and social workers.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

My guess would be majority older crowd.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

The only time I've ever seen someone make a fuss over that is on old movies and tv shows

by hansencullen 3 weeks ago

I make my bed first thing every morning. I can't stand a messy house and a made bed makes the bedroom seem "cleaner"

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

It's literally the first thing I do when I get out of bed. I do it mostly to not get my sheets full of cat hair.

by luella52 3 weeks ago

I've been known to leave it until later in the day, but if I enter the bedroom and the bed is unmade it just feels wrong and sloppy. I will always make it as soon as I notice. Takes like 30 seconds, so why wouldn't I?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I think it's more a mental thing. You know how they say to break up your tasks into smaller and easier tasks? Making your bed is the first task of your day that can ready you for more tasks. It's like your first completed task and you remove yourself from continuing to sleep in or otherwise staying in bed all day. Yes you may not be at home all day, but in this case, when you come home, your bedroom will look more cozy. Like if you walked into a hotel and the bed was just a mess you would find that weird, so why put up with that at home?

by Qbosco 3 weeks ago

I just really like the feeling of getting into a bed that has been made, rather than climbing into a bed with sheets and blankets all in a jumble. That's my motivation.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Wtf are you doing to your bed to unmake it. Sitting on your duvet isnt going to ruin a made bed lol.

by Jeromy69 3 weeks ago

If I have a date the bed will be made if not my bed is almost always how I left it after waking up.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I used to feel this way, I had to go to rehab and they made you make the bed. It's nice to come home to a made bed, and they encourage it because you are doing something first thing in the morning. It's more about discipline more than anything else, just like the gym.

by Vincebradtke 3 weeks ago

My grandfather once told me to always make a bed as the first thing at morning. Because even if you haven't done anything meaningful during the day, at least you've made your bed. I think he knows something about depression.

by brookeglover 3 weeks ago

I never make my bed. I let it air out and it looks comfy. My bed also doubles as my couch.

by dlittel 3 weeks ago

You also don't need to arrange the cushions on your sofa, or take the dishes out of the dish rack, but your house will look neatier if you do.

by Anitzsche 3 weeks ago

Outside if the military or boarding schools, it is not seen as mandatory.

by Glad_Sandwich4152 3 weeks ago

I make my bed every morning before I leave for work. It looks nice and feels good to get into a made bed that is a little tight. Also, making your bed is good because there might be a spider or something having a nap in there lol

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Now you've just trapped the spider under the sheets and blankets He's pissed and waiting for you

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

And the fact that I tucked the spider in made it twice as rested....what have I been doing?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

. You didn't male your bed, now lie in it. Personally, I like to air the sheets first, then make the bed half an hour later. The order appeals to me, and an unmade bed isn't inviting.

by Usual_Monk347 3 weeks ago

It is done because it makes the wife happy. Happy wife = happy life....

by clemmievandervo 3 weeks ago

Alternatively happy spouse happy house. Marriage is a partnership not a dictatorship.

by corkeryari 3 weeks ago

Happy life=no wife. This is what I've found to make me happier. For now anyways.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I don't make my bed.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I'll flap the sheets out after a couple nights and wash and change them / the mattress sheet, but that's it. I can't be assed to make it every morning.

by alvertapouros 3 weeks ago

Just fluff your pillow and have your blanket be relatively normal. That way when you go to sleep, you don't have to reach over to grab your blanket end nor fluff your pillow

by Anyabahringer 3 weeks ago

You jump into a bed so violently every night that it unmakes it? What the hell.. are you ok?

by jeramy03 3 weeks ago

I just keep it covered. The point is to keep it clean, anyway.

by SummerGrand785 3 weeks ago

I make it because my cats and kids will be on it and I don't want cat dander or kid crud in my bedsheets. Also the never ending laundry will get dumped there when it's ready for folding.

by Latter-Grape9103 3 weeks ago

It doesn't feel all that good to come home to a med at night.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I agree! I only get so much functionality a day why waste it on BS like this?!!!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

The bed looks nicer if its made.

by SolutionNo 3 weeks ago

If you live alone and rarely have company over, sure more power to you.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

If you make the bed properly all the sweat can evaporate properly and the sheets will stay fresh longer.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

If I lived alone I'd probably never make my bed. Going to bed with a freshly made bed does feel so much nicer though.

by Professional_Bite29 3 weeks ago

tried using this logic with my mother but then ended up having to clean the entire house with a swollen cheek

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

My dad used to call me lazy for not making the bed when really it just wasn't a thing my mom (80% main caregiver) did at her house and I was confused as to why it was necessary. I understand now though. It makes the bed look cosier and less of an eyesore when you walk into the room. The place can be spotless from wall to wall, but if the bed isn't made it feels messy. The same is true vice versa too - a made bed makes a messy room feel cleaner. It's not everyone's thing. But sometimes it's just not your thing because you don't care enough to commit to it, and if that's possible then I implore you to try it for a week and see if you feel better for it

by Dazzling_Throat 3 weeks ago

Tell me that you grew up in a house with rules...without telling me that you grew up in a house with rules...mandatory

by Fancy-Whereas5747 3 weeks ago

If you spend time in your bed in outside clothes it will get dirty sooner. If you spend time in your bed without having changed clothes, then having a blanket over it will protect it from dirt. If you don't do that, then it serves no practical function. I am guessing the stern insisting from our parents stem from their parents growing up with 13 people sharing one bed in a single room, where the bed would serve as a couch in the daytime ...

by heaneyewald 3 weeks ago

The military has entered the chat

by PaceDangerous 3 weeks ago

Agreed. I see the whole Jordan Peterson thing that he says about making your bed, but imo I'd rather do something that matters with that same time & build that way.

by Apprehensive-Ice 3 weeks ago

I prefer an unmade bed. When my wife or I makes the bed we only make her side.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Here to say: Making your bed is actually less hygienic then leaving it as is

by Intrepid_Rutabaga 3 weeks ago

Who is arguing hygiene has anything to do with it?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Just adding to the argument of why not making your bed is superior

by Intrepid_Rutabaga 3 weeks ago

How much could it possibly move the needle? I hope you're changing your sheets weekly at least either way!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

To have a standard is to cling to the past. If you cannot lie in an unmade bed then you are caught up in a measure, the matrix, bound to symbols, i.e under a spell.

by heaneyewald 3 weeks ago

Comfortable under the sandman spell in my made bed, i guarantee that

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

That's delightful!

by heaneyewald 3 weeks ago

I haven't made my bed in over 20 years. I forgot people do this

by NoLife 3 weeks ago