+40 The boycott is useless, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

We should be focusing on the main issue What's the main issue?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

They are talking about the Israel-Palestine war.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Boycotting McDonalds was so dumb. All because 1 owner of 1 restaurant in Israel gave free food to Israeli soldiers... As if they're expected to be a hivemind and that 1 guy represents the views of every single restaurant owner let alone the whole franchise.. Also as if free chicken nuggets made a lick of difference in the war in the first place. At this point you might as well "tie your shoes" for Palestine, it's just as useful to the war as not drinking coffee or not ordering french fries.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Pretty sure the boycott was about McDonald's corporate donating money to Israel. I actually never heard of this story about an owner feeding troops in Israel

by Afraid_Possession950 3 weeks ago

The corporation didn't donate money to Israel. The outrage was over the free food thing...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I have no idea what this about and feel glad

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Boycotting brands that support Israel

by Shot-Actuary 3 weeks ago

Imagine lighting yourself on fire because your favorite politician convinced you that you're being invaded by your neighbors, then everyone immediately forgets within days afterwards.

by Key-Wing 3 weeks ago

Yes, I agree, no more boycotts. We should support Disney, too!

by abnerwindler 3 weeks ago

I find that interesting. Would you buy slaves if they were available?

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

How much? /s

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Shut up

by Weird-Childhood-8886 3 weeks ago

Agree. These narcissistic SJWS are absolutely disgusting. They've joined a political extremist cult that supports literal terrorists.

by Ellasteuber 3 weeks ago