+34 Non-virgins should not seek out virgins nor shame the latter for seeking virgins, amirite?

by dereckschoen 2 weeks ago

If you are a virgin for any reason, religion or just prefer sex after marriage or with the right person then it's fine to want something similar, sleeping around and then wanting a virgin it's just brain dead. A lot of those red pillers believe in men sleeping around and then shame women for doing the same, that's brain rot

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Seeking out virgins is weird.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What's with incels obsession with virgins?

by Hillaryschultz 2 weeks ago

they are deeply insecure about not getting laid ever in their life even when trying. They cope by claiming that not having lost virginity is a virtue instead. They are looking for a partner with no experience because they despise people that have success in their sexlife. anyone with experience in dating and sexlife would instantly find out how much of a looser they are and break off with them, so the only shot they have in romantics is with someone that also has no idea what they are doing.

by Xlang 2 weeks ago