+44 Humans are not evil, nature is. amirite?

by Think-Tooth-8177 3 weeks ago

Nature is neither cruel nor kind, it just exists.

by Ok_Worker 3 weeks ago

To be good or evil there needs to willful consciousness. Nature is not a sentient, willful consciousness.

by Outside-Drawer1408 3 weeks ago

We are nature

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago


by Think-Tooth-8177 3 weeks ago

I agree with this idea as a whole but not the way you presented the argument for it. Some of your points you made here are actually better used as arguments against this (e.g your point about why we release greenhouse gases). A better argument for this idea is that a lot of the behaviour and traits that we interpret as making us "evil" are already present in nature. Our awareness of them as wrong and desire to rise above them is what makes humans good.

by Bauchfreeman 3 weeks ago

You have made a religious monologue, but instead of the deity of your choice, it is 'nature'. We eat animals because humans require vitamin B12 May I introduce you to.... Mushrooms! (Or seaweed)

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago