+33 anything can be edible if you want it to be. amirite?

by Archibaldmaggio 3 weeks ago

You can do anything you want...once...

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

You never die until you die.

by christopcollins 3 weeks ago

I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating ME!

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Like chess players. They think they're so smart. Me? I like checkers. The red ones are delicious.

by Ill_Day 3 weeks ago

As we say in the foraging community; everything is edible at least once.

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

No matter what I think, corn kernels and some seeds won't be eaten. Can I tell my doctor this is a case where the placebo effect doesn't work?

by Fickle-Steak8321 3 weeks ago