+40 i love being sore, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Geez! After I got Dengue Fever in Mexico I can't handle being sore. Just thinking about it hurts. Definitely an unpopular opinion.

by maximeziemann 2 weeks ago

Sounds like you might have discovered that you are a masochist.

by CowAffectionate 2 weeks ago

None of what you said equates to liking the pain, but enjoying the relief from the pain cause by voluntary discomfort. Which yeah, most normal people enjoy no longer being painfully uncomfortable.

by Strong_Criticism7009 2 weeks ago

I love being in pain/discomfort Not only isn't it an opinion, it's also rather effing weird

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

define opinion for me

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

There's a certain satisfaction from sore feet after being out all day

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

i'm not sure if that's an unpopular opinion. it's why painful deep-tissue massages are so popular.

by Arleneondricka 2 weeks ago