+43 People who enjoy watching livestreams are pathetic, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

"I hate (x thing) so others should hate (x thing) too." But for real, did you send the $5 OP?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

OP is just mad the hot tub streamer he donated to forgot to shout out his name XD

by Jbernier 2 weeks ago

I dont even watch live streams or never have given money any money to live streamers 💀

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It depends i think its fine to watch them every once in awhile..

by siennaschultz 2 weeks ago

You know what is truly pathetic,telling people that they are pathetic. If it doesn't hurt you or the people around you why do you care?

by Gislasonamanda 2 weeks ago

It is strange. But whatever if people wanna pay to watch someone for whatever weird reason oh well. Might as well just take advantage of it. Or wish you could.

by Brycen62 2 weeks ago

Friend of mine didnt want to hang out with us because he was watching livestream in chess...

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

ohhh no. I enjoy watching live streams. okay hahaha i just read ur full message and i think u are referring to the fans of more main-stream streamers. Would love to talk about it or hear ur opinions because I don't think they are pathetic. Also, this might be completely wrong, but it feels like ur more mad at the live streamers themselves rather than their viewers I don't mean any hate by the way. I didn't write this with any underlying mocking/condescending tone, I've just had a very different experience to you so I kind of want to change your mind

by leschcara 2 weeks ago