+27 Your voice isn't an instrument, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Of course it's an instrument. It even checks your definition, it is "a physical object for producing musical sounds". Literally the only difference is that you're born with it instead of buying it in a music store. So unless you're interested specifically in instrument craftsmanship, it's functionally the same. You use it to make music, and you practice it to produce better sound.

by Granville08 2 weeks ago

Your vocal cords are definitely an instrument. It's not like everyone can sing, it's hard and requires as much training as any instrument. What a sad thing to gatekeep.

by Creepy-Glass 2 weeks ago

You absolutely killed your own unpopular opinion. 😄

by Ok_Education 2 weeks ago


by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

The information about singing is still relevant for the situation a lot of the times

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Yep, when people say they play an instrument, they are usually talking about something like a guitar, keyboard, or any other musical devices.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago