-28 Musicians will be made redundant in the future because we will be able to make our own personalised AI generated music. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You're forgetting about those that play instruments to express themselves, or simply cause they enjoy it

by vhand 2 weeks ago

Then there is also hearing a song play that multiple people recognize -- losing that commonality will be unfortunate -- although it has already declined.

by Parking-Regular-3718 2 weeks ago

AI is first going to know (or be instructed) what it is exactly I like about the music I like. Heck, I MYSELF am not even sure what it is exactly I like in the music I like.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I think you mean "suit our own tastes", OP. The "style" would belong to the A.I., not the drone that enters stuff into a prompt.

by mollienienow 2 weeks ago