+29 Popular sports ranked by how boring/entertaining they are to watch on TV. amirite?

by Aromatic-Bullfrog903 2 weeks ago

What about Rugby op?

by Silly_Bed 2 weeks ago

You mean "the American football we have at home?"

by hersheljast 2 weeks ago

you already have Rugby at home, MLR

by Silly_Bed 2 weeks ago

Nah UFC is most entertaining

by Hermangorczany 2 weeks ago

Now most sports are a matter of personal preference. But baseball is just dead last no matter where you're from. 99% of the game is watching strikes or very boring hits and then sometimes the batter will hit the ball the right way by pure chance and the play will have a meaningful development.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You just like watching commercials more than sports.

by matteo85 2 weeks ago