+31 sprinting 100m is totally adequate As far as workingout goes, amirite?

by euladach 1 month ago

What are your qualifications to speak on this?

by Murky-Tear 1 month ago

The human body needs more than 20 seconds of effort to improve and grow. It's not enough volume. You'll hit a ceiling fast.

by One-Role 1 month ago

Yeah pretty sure it should say "100m is adequate enough for a Prework out warm up"

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Bold of you to assume it takes me 20 seconds to run 100m for me it's more like 40 seconds

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Okay, how many 100m sprints are you doing in a workout? Even if you only sprint 100m, you're still going to have to do more than 1 rep.

by Inevitable_Wrap_9577 1 month ago

Hear me out. The beer fridge is 10m away. All I need to do is sprint to get beer and soon enough I'll have done 10 reps and sprinted a full 100m.

by Lindseyhayes 1 month ago

Oh man, my wife and I do sprint intervals, 100m sprint then 100m fast walk, repeat as necessary, absolutely murders you

by Mhermiston 1 month ago

For sure. That's called HIIT and it's very effective. I prefer a long 10k+ run myself.

by Inevitable_Wrap_9577 1 month ago

Your heart benefits from zone 2 running more than sprinting for 20 seconds. That's pretty much easy runs to improve your aerobic base. Then you throw in some faster runs.

by Beautiful_Back 1 month ago

Doing just one 100m sprint isn't going to do much in the grand scheme of things. Doing a series of 100m sprints is a good work out. Everyone keeps thinking that you need to go for miles but that isn't true Well, no.   I've played soccer all my days (which requires a lot of sprinting) as well as being a sprinter for my school athletics team, but I also do distance running nowadays. Sprinting and distance running are different disciplines and require different strengths and use of the muscles. Despite that, there is actually a fair bit of crossover between the two disciplines which is beneficial for improving in each discipline. Soccer for example, is a 90 minute game (two halves of 45 minutes) which consists of continuous sprints. At an amateur level, the average soccer player covers roughly 7-8km, while professional players can cover between 10-12km. That means players need to be able to continually cover the distance at quite a fast pace, so they'll need to train distance running as well as sprinting.   The best way to improve your time when distance running (regardless of distance) is to include interval training in your training plan. This means you'll have to repeatedly run at faster paces (including sprint paces) over distance, the train your body to run for longer at those paces.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It can easily be part of cardio workout rutine, run it 4 times with 2 minutes pause between. And you have nice workout set. Do 4 diferent exercise sets and you have full workout rutine that will take ~1 hour to finish.

by marisol48 1 month ago

If all you wanna improve is your 100m sprint, then yes. Are you going to get as much better as if you did proper training (proper programming with periodization and targeting of muscles, nervous system and endurance)? No. Is it better than nothing? Yes but so is twiddling your thumbs. There is a reason that athletes don't train like that.

by rosenbaumjorge 1 month ago