-26 Most people can't really tell the difference been "good" and "bad" coffee. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I can tell the difference between the Folgers in my home pot and a quality coffee house blend; that being said I have no idea what makes it different. It's better, but also not worth $4-5 on a regular basis.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

First I could not drink coffee at all. Then I became my my own barista and learned to make good coffee myself. Then even coffee shop's coffee tasted bad in comparison. Then I just learned to like "bad" coffee, because it is good for the wallet, and I can drink plenty, lol. And I'm picky and sensitive, with dislike of bitter tastes. And probably annoying. Yet in the end I could too enjoy cheap cups. I guess it took some work, though.

by Stunning-Size-2854 1 month ago

I like black coffee and I've yet to taste anything as good as Folgers, I'll take Maxwell house too.

by Swiegand 1 month ago

That's me too. if it's regular coffee powder or beans I literally cannot tell my fancy coffee enthusiast friends' coffee apart from a Nescafe pack. However, when it comes to special flavoured coffee like vanilla or butterscotch coffee powder I can definitely taste the difference, and I can have preferences

by Potential-Proposal30 1 month ago

Agree. I manage a hotel and we have a coffee station in the lobby. Besides decaf, we have three other kinds of coffee available. . .Regular. . .Bold. . .and Columbian. All three flavors of coffee are exactly the same. We're on a tight budget, so we just get one case of regular dark roast coffee. We use the same packets for Regular, Bold, and Columbian. Nobody can tell the difference. We'll get people who are like, "Can you make some more Bold coffee? The others are just too weak." They don't even realize it's exactly the same coffee. The only difference is what is written on the urns. The only different coffee we make is decaf. And yet, we'll get reviews praising our Columbian coffee as the absolute BEST and one of the reasons some people return to the hotel. They LOVE our coffee. They love it without realizing it's the cheapest possible generic coffee we can order on our budget. It's just in a fancy urn. It's like witnessing some sort of weird experiment when I watch people sipping the three coffee's to decide which one they like the best, and me knowing they are all the same.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

beer too

by Kassulkericardo 1 month ago