+22 It's 2024. Hosts need to start accepting multiple forms of RSVP's. amirite?

by Silver-Curve920 1 month ago

The only wedding invites I have gotten have an rsvp on their website. I've never seen a mail rsvp

by Anonymous 1 month ago

If hosts in 2024 still stuck on snail mail for RSVPs, they're living in the Stone Age. I ain't licking envelopes when a quick text or Facebook event can do the job. It's about time they catch up with the times and make life easier for everyone.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Also today I learned what RSVP is because of you, so thanks. Though mildly annoyed that it was some convoluted French phrase.

by Intelligent_Path5929 1 month ago

It's just French for "respond if you please." That doesn't seem all that convoluted.

by SuperbRegister 1 month ago