-23 Sly Cooper is way better than Sonic the "Hedgehog.", amirite?

by Aware_Evidence 6 days ago

Sounds like you never read the Archie comics, or seriously got into SATAM or Season 3 of Sonic X. There's tons of interesting Sonic lore, although I dislike how many canons and continuities there are now, and how Sega neglects Sally and the Freedom Fighters.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

I agree and I barely read the sonic comics, just saw episodes of all the cartoons they had over the years using Jaleel White as Sonic.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

What's a SATAM?

by Aware_Evidence 6 days ago

That's because there is better platformers and stealth games than it. It's not bad but it doesn't excel at either of those.

by Anonymous 6 days ago


by Aware_Evidence 6 days ago

The original sonic game has way more replayability than the original sly cooper

by Key-Slip-5606 6 days ago

I wasn't aware the two things were opposed in any way and we needed to compare them

by Felicityjones 6 days ago

Weird dragon hedgehog cat? He's a hedgehog. That's all.

by Wise_Chapter7762 6 days ago

It's just not the same thing, Sly Cooper is a very nice franchise but has nothing in common with a Sonic game

by wizamiles 6 days ago