+27 Hate brings more people together than love, amirite?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Theres only one thing that the vast majority of the human population have in common; Misery loves company, people are drawn together by negativity, not exactly sure why that is. However negativity isn't always "negative" people brought together for their hatred of something can bring about positive changes.

by Primary-Break-472 6 days ago

people are drawn together by negativity, not exactly sure why that is. Because if you are suffering and everyone else is happily ignoring that suffering (and perhaps causing it) then seeking out others who are being mistreated is likely to help you find understanding, support and perhaps allies that can help you stand up for yourself.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

It's kind of like that concept of how making money off of people's weaknesses is easier than their strengths. Junk food, booze and drugs etc. are more profitable than protein powders and veggie shakes haha

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Pretty much yeah, when looking at it from a birds eye perspective, there is money to be made in misery vs positivity.

by Primary-Break-472 6 days ago

Isn't this is what OP is talking about?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

It's all a game of manipulation really

by Primary-Break-472 6 days ago

External threats from other groups is a strong uniting force. The day after aliens start to invade Earth with a plan to kill us all off is the day we'd put aside all our differences and start attacking them. The day some superior alien race quietly arrives and offers to cut a deal with one half of the planet to destroy the other half is the doomsday for the unlucky half.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

After living through Covid I am no longer confident humanity can work together on a large scale

by Stoneschmitt 6 days ago


by Anonymous 6 days ago

This is unfortunately true. A shared hatred for something or someone brings people together more often than a shared love for something.

by RemoteHearing2127 6 days ago

Flip side of same coin: "Those people united in their hatred of this thing" may just mean "Those people united in their love of the absence of that thing." So say there's a small, homogenous little village somewhere, and the government says "hey, we're planning on relocating 500 refugees here." You might say the villagers are united in hate because they oppose the plan, but you might also say they are united in love for the way of life they don't want to lose.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Love may be sweet, but hate sure is sticky. It's wild how folks can bond over what they despise quicker than over what they adore. It's like hate throws a house party, and love's just having a quiet night in. Crazy world we live in, huh?

by Basic-Constant-4120 6 days ago

You are describing fear, not hate, and no, fear does not bring more people together than love.

by Bryanashields 6 days ago

I think it speaks to our deep down tribalism. Prehaps it is an ancient survival method, banding together with others based on mutual fear, mistrust, dislike...et al to feel a sense of commonality and to aid in survival against preceived threats.

by Independent_Mud 6 days ago

"People love it when they lose, they love dirty laundry" Dirty Laundry-Don Henley

by Anonymous 6 days ago

According to social scientist Jonathan Haidt, three things hold a people together: Common Blood, Common Gods, Common Enemies.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

It's not hate, it's fear from people who don't have the guts to acknowledge that they are afraid. That's probably why the US is so hateful nowadays. Generations of teaching people, especially men, that fear is weakness and that should never be afraid.

by judahblanda 6 days ago

100% sure I have bonded with more people over hating the Cowboys than liking the Seahawks

by Gloomy_Economics5067 5 days ago

I'm fairly sure that the only thing to unify us as a people would be an alien invasion, so we could have something else to band together and hate.

by Ashley01 5 days ago

True, if you put a tyrannical dictatorship in America it would unite them they'd throw all racism and focus on the common hatred. Even at work place when all of your coworkers are united against a common hatred.

by Nschimmel 5 days ago

Atleast in the female friend groups and sports teams I've been on. Yes.

by No-Recognition 5 days ago

Hate toward a common enemy.....

by Ok_Combination7337 5 days ago