-23 Adults who read YA are stunted, amirite?

by Anonymous 6 days ago

So true, real adults read manga

by kaileehand 6 days ago

Real adults read doujins...

by Anonymous 6 days ago

If you use abbreviations in a communication, the standard is to spell it out long hand the first time and place the abbreviation in brackets after the first occurrence. After that feel free to use the abbreviation for the rest of the communication.

by Realistic-Help7073 6 days ago

Well at least they read. Person who reads YAs will usually be more nuanced person than someone who doesn't read at all.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

What is YA.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Young Adult. Stuff like Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, and Twilight.

by Healthy_Theory 6 days ago

Are those even considered Young adult? I always felt those were older teen books? Honestly if that's the young adult category then they need to divide the teen category into two, young teen and old teen and get rid of the young adult category all together.

by Wisokyloyal 6 days ago

I'd say Harry Potter is a children's series that transitions into YA starting around book 4 (definitely 5 if not 4)

by Colton04 6 days ago

Idk I found the third book pretty traumatic when I read it around ten.

by raujosie 6 days ago

The YA category is pretty broad. It can really mean anything that was written to appeal to someone ages like 13 to 22.

by willy35 6 days ago

Wondering the same, never heard of it.. I guess that alone makes it unpopular already 😅

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Young adult

by Anonymous 6 days ago

But consuming Real Housewives is the mark of a true intellectual, right?

by Turbulent-Fig 6 days ago

I agree, I'm reading Harry Potter at the moment, and I get more stupid the more I read it, lol. I have already read 3, and 4th is on the way, which is a crazy amount of brain rot. I'm amazed how many adult fans and readers these books have, I mean, the movies were much more tolerable, they were not as silly or stupidly childish at times. The fans are kind of defensive about the books too. I wanted to read some of them before playing the Hogwarts Legacy game, but I got stuck. Well, it has some benefits, it is a good starting point if english is not your native language. Oh wait, these are not YA, these are little kid books. I'm screwed.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

I read fantasy books for the entertainment and vibes. There are just a lot of romantasy books that are YA. They are very similar to adult just with less spice. I always add 10 years mentally to the protagonist's age

by Direct_Breadfruit964 6 days ago

Not sure why it matters. If they enjoy it and like reading it, then let them.

by PhotoLost 5 days ago

Why though? Also do you even read?

by Anonymous 5 days ago