+18 Chip and Joanna Gaines are Insufferable, amirite?

by jadams 6 days ago

Not sure this opinion is as unpopular as you might think...

by Exact-Choice 6 days ago

I just hate their tastes. My wife made me watch a couple episodes of this show and I found their own house that they kept showing off at the end of each episode hideous.

by Ok-Bite7913 6 days ago

They try to make everything look like an old barn farmhouse. 🤮

by jadams 6 days ago

Shiplap anyone?

by PsychologicalFun 6 days ago

Shiplap everywhere! I haven't watched them for a few years, but the times I did watch it, all her interiors look the same. I don't get how they've become such a big deal.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

You just summed up my opinion on most house renovation shows. They usually look awful to me.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Are there any house flippers that are legitimately liked?

by Shaniadare 6 days ago

Maine Cabin Masters, although they do more renovation stuff versus flipping

by Aric44 6 days ago

Home improvement reality TV is the most creatively bankrupt style of show ever.

by Last_Doughnut 6 days ago

Except for Hildi of Trading Spaces. She had a lot of creativity. She wasn't good, but she was creative.

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Is that the hay girl or the mural lady

by Fun-Garden 6 days ago

Yes, but shiplap.

by Responsible-Grass 6 days ago

Joanna needs to lay off the hair extensions

by Anonymous 5 days ago

It's reality television. If they didn't manufacture drama, nobody would watch. It's a working formula. If you dislike the formula (as many do) then you probably should stick to scripted entertainment (as many do).

by Anonymous 5 days ago

He secretly hates her but has to play to doting, perfect, soft-husband. Smile through the pain Chip!

by Whole-Act 5 days ago

Definitely seem like they all but loathe each other in some of the later episodes. Those jokes that aren't jokes. His eyes tell a completely different story than his words.

by Nervous-Witness 5 days ago

It's her channel/show/network. He's just an accessory in her life.

by Whole-Act 5 days ago

And he's not an idiot either. But she treats him like a purse

by Whole-Act 5 days ago

I don't know much about them except they're the sole reason "Greige" became a thing. Which is bizarre.

by Turbulent_Fee 5 days ago

Who? Don't watch reality tv man. They do stuff like this to ragebait their viewers

by Few-Damage5032 5 days ago

I really can't stand Joanna, she rubs me all wrong.

by Anonymous 5 days ago

I like to watch it because Joanna Gaines is Hot.

by MainCommunication 5 days ago